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Caption contest


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Thanks to flat4alfa for posting this in the "one shite photo" thread.


It demands a caption though. It also demands to be identified.

The winner will receive a grin.




"I opened the door, got in, and now I have to get out to close it F**K that, get a Trabbi right now"     for starters




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Well I knew it was one of those odd Eastern-bloc microcars (thought it was Czech), so had a hunt and it's a Hungarian Pajtas and featured in Popular Mechanics in 1960. Known as the Pajtás, it looked less silly than many Hungarian microcars. Unlike Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, East Germany, Romania and Poland, Hungary wasn't allowed to produce cars so this was their response.


"Your Grandpa's gone for a dump and no, you can't take it round the block. I want a dump, too."

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"The Mercedes cost cutting drive was really beginning to show, even affecting prestige model lines"


"If he had said he wanted a greenhouse, he could have got one and we could have kept the Isabella"


"A cheeky lil 2 dr number he said, it's cute, he said"


a glaswegian take:


"wan ae yoos cunts is walkin hame cuz ahm no movin"

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Thanks Forddelivereyboy for the ID.


In my expert opinion so far, Dollyboy should be the winner, but as he is a professional writer an automatic ban is in place and Skizzer is currently on top. Another reply has been received as I write, probably from Too Savvy so will now need an interpreter.

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Well it's gone midnight in the land next to the land down under and I want to end the misery.

Junkman wins with a short and to the point caption, unfortunately Dollywobbler also wins because we can all grin twice.

Also as there are no losers on here you can all receive a grin.

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Dobd el a bugyit, Sir William, nem tudok várni 'til ebédidő.

"Megyünk sehol, amíg hozol nekem egy barna papírzacskót."

I pressed "like" for these replies, I could not make out any swear words.

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