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Posted a couple of pictures of these before but that was last autumn. Went past again today and grabbed a couple more before the vegetation grows back. I'm genuinely embarrassed to have previously misidentified the Minor as an A35 but hey ho. The Essex registered G-plate Scorpio ( which is a long way from home) was last taxed in April 1999.





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18 minutes ago, J R Hartley said:

Seems it died around 2009. Realised I took another with the plate visible.  Wonder if it was OMGHGF.



Just can't quite make out the reg, 

Maybe was, seems odd to dump it there for possibly 13 years. Wonder if the owner has forgotten about it!? 

The mileage could be really low too!

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4 minutes ago, J R Hartley said:

X381 JOP

66.5 k at last mot in 2008

In regular use up until then I guess. That mileage is about right for HGF, although of course it can happen at any mileage. 

So it was no less than 9 years old when dumped, presumably deemed not worth repair. 

Imagine a 2013 car being dumped now and only worth a few hundred ££ 

Those were the days, and it wasn't even that long ago!

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5 hours ago, dozeydustman said:

That’s a Talbot wheel so possibly the remnants of a Horizon, Alpine or Solara

I thought it looked like a Fiat wheel, possibly an UNO or something?

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7 hours ago, Angrydicky said:

Either HGF or front floor/sill rot will have seen that 45 off. It’s a manual, so it wasn’t the shit CVT gearbox letting go.

Floorpan is a good shout, although when its 8 years old that would be a surprise. My 2004 45 failed on floorpan rot in 2018, so it did quite well. Luckily in my case it was caught in time and wasnt terminal :) 

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