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On 6/6/2019 at 7:59 AM, bunglebus said:

Had to try and get stealth pics of this - woman is a known drug user/dealer, apparently smashed her own car up one night. How long will it sit here before it gets torched or carted off to be fragged? Been about a month so far


48007788712_707644403a_k.jpg20190605_153352 by RS, on Flickr

48012077997_6117788242_k.jpg20190606_083933 by RS, on Flickr


two continue to fester in the same street


48007711848_6770e577ef_k.jpg20190605_153240 by RS, on Flickr

48007708248_b8e6d7e059_k.jpg20190605_153248 by RS, on Flickr

You don't need to be on drugs to want to do that to a Shitroen 

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Not in my area but I have noticed this sporty Toyota round the back of East Grinstead hospital and it looks abandoned to me and it’s on private land but I’m sure it’s been sitting around for a good couple of years from memory.

It looks s nice motor under the green camouflage.






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1 hour ago, Split_Pin said:

Looking at the badge on the back it looks like a t-sport with the 170bhp VVC engine and quite sought after. There was even a supercharged version!

Yep, this is the 188bhp version, the ‘compressor’ was 213bhp!

Also a very early one, December 2001 registered.

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Logs holding tarps down seems a common theme


48049012456_1fda1da4c3_k.jpg20190612_131606 by RS, on Flickr


48049011781_93a0b5fb5f_k.jpg20190612_131418 by RS, on Flickr


48049090757_249ec9344f_k.jpg20190612_131312 by RS, on Flickr


Anyone fancy building a Project Binky out of this - Celica GT4


48031842817_762c319680_k.jpg20190609_134228 by RS, on Flickr

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