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Dumped cars in your area

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I know there is at least one other member that's been to Gravesend - although I appreciate this is quite a niche one.


There's a house down by the old police station, on the main road into town.  It's a massive semi-detached and looks semi-derelict but somebody (probably an old lady) lives there, as there are occasionally lights on.


Well, until a few years ago there was an ancient black small car (an old Ford?  60s-style body) that had been sat in the front garden as long as I could remember.  I distinctly recall walking past it when I was about 4 or 5 - in the early 90s - and the car being there.  It's obviously gone now but if anybody could shed any light, that would solve a childhood mystery for me.


Yeah, a really, really niche one...

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^^^ I believe it's some sort of "creative accounting" - all fully legal and above board, I'm sure*.


This particular place tends to hoard total nails with unfeasably high sticker prices, and prefers to let them moulder round the side of the showroom for a decade (or more) and then scrap them rather than sell them on - they also sell new Subarus as well. I'm told there are certain tax advantages to having a certain ratio of unsold stock to turnover (though I don't honestly understand how that operates).


All I know is they reluctantly quoted me £500 for a *burnt-out* Cortina some twenty years ago, and although these jobbers are nominally for sale, I think the price would be salty enough to give KGF's CEO a choking fit.


P.S. - my avatar is taken from an example of the fine stock* on display at this dealership c.2000.

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A few more since the last time I posted.


32936490275_675bdbfb3d_c.jpgDSC_0088 by srblythe, on Flickr


32714693453_eb57a15f25_c.jpgDSC_0538 by srblythe, on Flickr


32714711653_f334f183b4_c.jpgDSC_0530 by srblythe, on Flickr


Dumped at the back of a local garage


33091926214_754ed912ab_c.jpgDSC_0825 by srblythe, on Flickr


33805358571_d8f77d9b74_c.jpgDSC_0824 by srblythe, on Flickr


33091928484_a375d7b6dc_c.jpgDSC_0823 by srblythe, on Flickr


33550318060_a6db2abefb_c.jpgDSC_0820 by srblythe, on Flickr


33091930424_de69bacd6f_c.jpgDSC_0817 by srblythe, on Flickr


This ones just around the corner from me.


35053488122_3167dc1f58_c.jpgDSC_0981 by srblythe, on Flickr


35053485772_61f0946fa5_c.jpgDSC_0982 by srblythe, on Flickr


My old Proton ended up with a banger racer after being passed about around Fife and Dundee


36225252222_eed75c04be_c.jpgDSC_0569 by srblythe, on Flickr


This one came into the yard complete and in decent condition before they chucked another car on top of it and weighed it in shortly afterwards.


36644986481_4cea024650_c.jpgDSC_0835 by srblythe, on Flickr


These were down at a local bing.


23860227318_80033ede00_c.jpgDSC_0007 by srblythe, on Flickr


23860234818_317710b8d8_c.jpgDSC_0002 by srblythe, on Flickr


37713375351_0b02020975_c.jpgDSC_0995 by srblythe, on Flickr


37664874406_ca9fc00c86_c.jpgDSC_0993 by srblythe, on Flickr


This is across from the mot place I go to.


23928643727_016301b23d_c.jpgDSC_0372 by srblythe, on Flickr


38762871982_3703a30758_c.jpgDSC_0371 by srblythe, on Flickr


We found this in the woods a couple of years ago, went back recently and it was untouched.


39370103714_89f72931ec_c.jpgRJC_0067 by srblythe, on Flickr


39370097894_b04094bef9_c.jpgRJC_0074 by srblythe, on Flickr


28300517199_e4cb02675e_c.jpgRJC_0077 by srblythe, on Flickr


40080983971_b7c96f97bf_c.jpgRJC_0085 by srblythe, on Flickr


25208689687_4b81b7e462_c.jpgRJC_0087 by srblythe, on Flickr


25208685277_ac0af11c14_c.jpgRJC_0092 by srblythe, on Flickr


A dumped Cavalier in a disused tunnel.


40032767232_2a51f2e7f1_c.jpgRJC_0027a by srblythe, on Flickr

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That tunnel looks "interesting" , where is it and what was it built for ?


It's between Kinross and Perth near a place called Glenfarg. It used to be a railway tunnel.


23222847464_f552ea6f5f_c.jpgDSC_7314 by srblythe, on Flickr


23221661594_32fd35432e_c.jpgLada Niva and wreck by srblythe, on Flickr


23554062680_c11d64d332_c.jpgDSC_7311 by srblythe, on Flickr


23555274960_2f52018e7e_c.jpgDSC_7293 by srblythe, on Flickr


23482005809_9ebd4ddc06_c.jpgLada Niva Glenfarg Tunnels by srblythe, on Flickr



There are 2 tunnels, I drove my Niva through them for fun once.

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Local borough boys are using these delightful* things - want one when they sell 'em off for sure.




Was out cycling - need to strengthen the knee....... and came across this defunct Nissan garage. No contact details on the site at all and not been opened up in the last couple of years according to the old dear that stopped to chat with the dog in tow.


Micra Lickers - here you go








with other stuff half covered including 4x4 and others




100NX I think




Couple of commercials in there too - Barkas(?) looks saveable






but hnnnnggggggggg meter definitely preferred the half hidden 300ZX




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Yes it is.

That's Norman Pratt's in Shillelagh; he died last year or the year before but his sons still trade in Carlow Town; they're used to be a lot more there, there's photos from 2002 onwards on boards.ie classic picture spots



https://touch.boards.ie/thread/post/90881523 there's a link to the thread, can't find pics off hand but they are there someplace

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That's Norman Pratt's in Shillelagh; he died last year or the year before but his sons still trade in Carlow Town; they're used to be a lot more there, there's photos from 2002 onwards on boards.ie classic picture spotshttps://touch.boards.ie/thread/post/90881523 there's a link to the thread, can't find pics off hand but they are there someplace

Couldn’t find the pics But here’s a few of the back, there’s more cars there that were too overgrown to take a photo of url=https://flic.kr/p/224WsXa]38769625511_53453b7e10_c.jpg[/url]Row of abandoned cars by James C, on Flickr

url=https://flic.kr/p/222dhNj]38738763662_3c0e9c32d7_c.jpg[/url]Peugeot 205 by James C, on Flickr

url=https://flic.kr/p/224YLBK]38770075161_0fd83aa143_c.jpg[/url]1986 Suzuki jimmy by James C, on Flickr

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Hi guys not so much abandoned but this was dumped in the garage by my dad at least 20 years ago, only thing is he built the garage around it lol. The only way to remove it is take down the wall. Maybe worth it maybe not.. 3.9 wood and Pickett range rover. Sorry about the pics.








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The range rover is a 1985 and was purchased by the owner of a car auction brand new. It was converted by wood and Pickett in London. My dad was owed money for building works and got this in payment. It was under 3 years old when it was put into storage as dad thought it was to good to use lol. Apparently has bullet proof glass which might be try as it sure is thick. I will be attempting to pull it out soon so will post pics up as I do. One more thing I know is that it.has never had an mot in it's life.....post-20238-0-64101900-1519414811_thumb.jpg

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Why does everybody I see driving a Fiat 500 appear to have the seat adjusted to a bolt upright position?


From what I remember from working at a Fiat dealer when these were new, the seat squab that you park your arse on is angled upwards at the front, so to counter that you need to sit bolt upright to be able to see out the middle of the windscreen and not be looking up at the sky. I find them horrifically uncomfortable little cars seating position wise. 


The height adjuster doesnt lower/raise the height of the whole seat by the frame like most cars, it seems to just lower/raise the back angle of the seat squab you sit on. 

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