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Stanky's Car Fixing Thread - A Clear Improvement 24/5


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3 hours ago, lisbon_road said:

On ebay if you search for breaking Sirion, a few come up.  Including one that looks as if the windscreen has been the victim of a machine gun.  I don't know about different models and stuff.

No joke getting a windscreen out.  I've got bonded glass out by using a cutting disc to cut out the screen with some metal all the way round then gently sawed through in short sections and pulled them off.  Takes a while mind. 

haha, yes I see what you mean - "target has been neutralised, returning to base"

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I've found an old thread from Retro Rides which suggests an outfit called 'Uroglass' in Bolton who might also be able to help, I'll give these guys 48h to get back and tell me that it turns out someone hadn't updated the warehouse inventory management system then assume its going to be OK.

I can pull the MOT slot and SORN the car, but I'd really prefer not to.

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  • 2 weeks later...

After an anxious wait, today my new windscreen arrived!


Massive thanks to @mintwth, Alternative Windscreens were able to source and fit the last M100/M101 Sirion windscreen in the UK today. I did have a chat to them about  'what happens if I break this one?' and theysaid that they are happy to fit a 2nd hand one if I could source it so that is an option.

Next job is to tweak the exhaust again, it sits a fraction too low after my most recent modifications and knocks against the rear axle (I think) on left hand turns which is a bit annoying. Its a fine balance because if its too low it hits the subframe, and too high and it chafes on the rear bumper so I need to fiddle about with it and get it right.

Then its MOT time next Friday



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  • Stanky changed the title to Stanky's Car Fixing Thread - A Clear Improvement 24/5

I managed to get out and fix the exhaust earlier, it was hitting the bodyshell in the pinch between the rear beam and the bodyshell - its an awkward spot. I ended up swapping the hangers around so it sits lower in the centre section, and higher in the rearmost section and now clears a lot better. I also enlisted my youngest daughter to do the pre-MOT checks of lights, tyres, horn, screenwash, oil, coolant and brake fluid and it should be OK I hope.

I'll get it tested then I want to redo one of the joints on the exhaust, its gastight but I'm not 100% happy with it. I had a go at fiddling with it but then decided that its currently fine for the MOT and maybe it'd be best to leave it well alone until after I have a new ticket on it.

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