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Outlaw fleet update page 4 June 21 One in one out

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Other fleet members:

The Workvan is currently behaving. Went back to the depot with the eml on in June, running like a bag of shit (again). Final tally was another 2 injectors, a reconditioned turbo and actuator, and a clean of something or other (MAF?)

Have been WFH until a couple of weeks ago, run twice a week round the doors to keep it going, and last week (5th) went back out on the road properly doing a project for them upstairs, did about 700 miles, same again this week, going further afield next week, The Pig doesn't know what's hit it. Aircon, previously really good is now shit however, caught in a thunderstorm last week and struggled to keep the glass clear (probably just a regas M8). Averaging 45mpg, which isn't bad considering. I don't pay for it, but still nice to know I'm not bankrupting the company.


Outlaw_junior's Focus required a bit of work for the MoT - a source of discussion, do I spend the money on something that I only paid £400 for? In view of it's reliability it was decided that the money would be spent - new TCA bushes/arms, new anti-roll bar bush, new pads, and balljoints. About £400 all in, but seeing as that's the first proper expenditure he's had in 2 years, I don't think that's excessive.

Same applies to Miss_Outlaw's Fiesta, slightly less expenditure for the MoT, but needed an expansion tank and a few other bits and piece, about £200. 

Both the kids are saving for houses, so spare wonga is in short supply, but as Jnr said, they both may as well keep what they've got for now, as it's really costing next to nothing to keep them going.

Mrs_Outlaw's Kia Appliance....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


The Capri.... I've not touched it, much to my regret, and even if I wanted to, I can't as it's surrounded by Junior's furniture and stuff, so I can't get near it. Next spring maybe?


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Fleet Update:

Junior's Focus is now bean cans. It started making noises (sounded like brakes) and he just threw the towel in. The old thing had done well, but he wasn't prepared to chuck any more ££££ at it, with the prospect of more later. He's now got a Mondeo Estate ( as detailed in news 24 thread), I'll add a picture when I edit this.

However, it's not been plain sailing; Good Friday it decided that it would shit it's starter motor in Sainsbury's Colchester, full of kids and an incontinent bulldog, I got the call to tow him back to the caravan, thankfully short distance, but the weather was shit and they'd shut a couple of roads by the Tollgate Retail park, so it turned into more of a ballache than it should have done.

I drove back up on the Saturday morning, and tried the age old remedy* of twatting it with things, but to no avail; you just can't get a decent swing at it, there's too many covers and shizz in the way. Rang Halfords (Kwik Fit said no thanks) and tow started it, and left it there. Was done by mid afternoon Bank Holday Monday for about £250, which could have been worse.

Miss_Outlaw's Fiesta isn't getting used as she's working from home, but she brought it round a few weeks ago as there was a LOT of mould growing on the seats, carpets etc. She'd taken it in for a bit of welding for the MoT, and I reckon the carpet started smoking and they've chucked a bottle of water in and not told her. Then, the car turned into a micro biosphere and started to cultivate life. I attacked everywhere with Cillit Bang mould remover, let it sit for a while, then Car Plan upholstery cleaner, then my Bissell spot cleaner. Came up lovely - no photos as I was too busy trying not to get foot and mouth or something.

Capri : Still unable to access, however Junior is looking at houses, so hopefully he'll find somewhere, and I can get my garage back.

Kia: Still being an car. Weirdness with the seatbelt warning thing, intermittently beeps for no apparent reason. Unplugging and replugging the buckle will stop it; I've squirted some contact cleaner stuff in the hole, and it hasn't done it since, so I call that fixed. Changed a bulb...errr......oh, replaced the aged and cracking Winglong Happyday Ditchfinders on the back for some Falkens @ £60 a corner. That's it.


Megamoose. Over the last couple of years, with increasing regularity, the car has tried to eat me while I top up windscreen fluid or check the oil or whatever. The bonnet struts were still original, so they've not done badly. So armed with a broom I set about replacement. The collar on the top of the strut was caked in goo, and took a bit of prising off, purely because i couldn't find an edge. Once I'd popped it off, it was plain sailing, and I was happy. But WAIT!!! What's thatnestling by the brake fluid reservoir and the expansion tank??

You dozy twat.

It's the cap off the back of the headlight that I'd forgotten to replace when I bunged a new bulb in about 2 months ago. Anyhoo, this really will be a piece of cake. Releasing the headlight unit is sooooo easy on these, see the two metal tag things on top? Pull them out and the headlight is released. Screw cap thing back on, bung headlight back in place, replace metal rod things. Sorted.

I then got my jet washer out and treated the engine bay to a quick blast. Much better.










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  • outlaw118 changed the title to Outlaw fleet update page 4 June 21 One in one out

Some updates....

Megamoose: All behaving, currently filthy. Last Friday did a sat-nav guided cross country mission to collect a filing cabinet I'd bought on eBay, through country lanes and farm tracks, all very wet or flooded in places. No problem, felt surefooted and safe as only a Moose weighing 35.46 tons can.  Took a more direct (traffic laden) route on the way back - I ignored the moaning git in the satnav and used RODE SINES - yeah, old skool.... and sat in a shitload of traffic... but once cleared I was chucking her about a bit. Next morning on the paper run I noticed the ns front tyre was balder than me. Trip to the tyre place and £275 later I've got 2xFalkens balanced and tracking done. Ouch.

Kia: Absolutely nothing to report. As usual. SWMBO took it to her mates in Lowestoft a couple of weeks ago , and i reset the trip computer and she averaged low 40s mpg, not bad considering its Badermatic and "mixed" driving.

Mondeo: Now surplus to requirements; Outlaw_junior has purchased a Focus off someone he works with, so will be FOUR SAILS soon, once I've given it a clean up. There's nothing wrong with it, he just hasn't bonded with it, and when the Focus came up, he made a snap decision. Will get photos etc up, but it's going on Autotrader for about £1200, and a shiters discount will apply, may roffle.


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