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Tickman's stuff. Toledo done.

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On 5/16/2020 at 2:50 PM, Tickman said:

@garethj did the GSR ever have any bodywork done on the passenger side while in your custody?

Now I have some paint mixed up for the car I'm attending to other bits while I'm at it.

The passenger door above the rubbing strip has paint damage. It looks like a previous repair and looks like filler is starting to be visible so I've done some sanding.

This is how it looked.


That is before any work and the surface was very rough to the touch. It was shown some 1200 grit and some water which made it less rough to the touch but looking much worse, I've done some of the repaired areas, this is after one coat.

Is that not just where someone has drawn a cock and balls on it in the roadgrime?

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On 4/28/2020 at 12:46 PM, Tickman said:

Batteries, oil and general supplies a bit more organised.


oooh vintage T12 fluorescent fixtures...

pretty obscure ones too! im not actually sure which make/model they are exactly, I have seen that lamp holder style before but i cant quite place my finger on it

(is the tube for the 3rd fixture still around somewhere?)

got any pictures of the control gear might give me a clue as to what they are exactly :) 

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9 minutes ago, Tickman said:

I shall get some pictures for you next time.

thats Much appreciated :) 

and if you find them surplus to requirements please if possible hold onto them for me rather then chucking them out! 

(or using them to weld up a car as I have heard some members using old fluorescent fixtures for! I dread to think what vintage fixtures have been butchered over the years!)

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So where were we, oh yeah with this mess.


So time to do the taper off of the sill under the wing.


Now the side of the inner sill to close off, from this.


To this.


Now the front which is in the arch area.


That is the easy side of the panel welded in, the other bits after a quick break.


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That panel is now fully welded in but it doesn't look any different unless you climb underneath.

I've patched a couple of holes in the wing and front and added some filler ready to be rubbed off at a later date.

I think a few days break from it are now required.

Until sometime next week...

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Plodding on with Sonic.

This corner of the wing didn't exist earlier, I've put in enough metal to keep the strength and then added a surprisingly small amount of filler so far.


I've also added 100mm to the bottom of the wing here.


Not looking too bad in comparison to what it was like before.


Getting there slowly.

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Fantastic work, it's going to be very easy to sell or very tempting to keep by the time you're finished. The way you're cracking on I can see some colour matched aerosols getting bought and the buffing mop coming out before lockdown is over 😊

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Plodding along after the weekend off as it was Chuck's 21st. 

I've been applying filler and sanding it off.


More of the same.


Then I had a bit of a reshuffle to get Gwen into the firing line.


I'm going to strip the seats and stuff from inside before I ruin them while working on it. Then I shall do my best to avoid vibration white finger.

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More Toledo progress.

Yesterday I got the paint code, 96 which is Sapphire blue, and phoned the local paint shop who supplied the mixed can for the GSR. I did another collection by phoning him while outside and he took payment and brought them out and put them in the boot. Very helpful indeed and recommended.


I also got some masking tape so started on the car when I got to the unit. After masking I put a bit of primer on to see how it was.


As I'm such a perfectionist* this was deemed to be acceptable so I carried on with primer on the rest, of course I ran out so out came the Lidl stuff from the cupboard which seems good stuff. This is about as accurate as the previous colour match I had used.



Happy enough with that so far, time for some colour.




First decent coat done.

Lunch had now so time for some more.


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