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Tickman's stuff. More 205 time.


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Trailer returned this morning and I had to go the the workshop to drop off and pick up some stuff.

I put the lift on some wheel skates and got it to roughly where I wanted it 


Then I had a quick look at how the uprights fit.


That was quite easy.

Next the fun* bit of getting the wiring sorted.

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5 hours ago, Supernaut said:

Begin scene:

Our intrepid duo are leaving Dundee northbound, heading up that hill.

Supernaut: "Is this full throttle?"

sdkrc: "Almost, I don't want to blow off the boost hose"

Supernaut: "I rescind my earlier suggestion that we use this to tow..."

A red Saab towing a trailer can be seen gradually getting further and further away in front of them.

I had a good laugh on that hill back 2005-ish.

I had been out helping a friend pick up a preserved coach they were doing some work on, Bristol RE based, big ass Gardner engine, semi auto box and far more poke than it had any right to have.

I encountered a Citylink coach which has pulled into the dual carriageway just in front of me...this was when they were still using some pretty clapped out old Volvo B10Ms on that run which lacked a very important detail - a working kickdown function, or indeed any apparent sort of load sensing on the gearbox.  So it changed gear at set road speeds and that was that...so he wound up crawling up there at about 15mph with his foot buried in the floorboards.

Me, having full control over what gear I was in had no such problems and came roaring past without a care in the world.  I gave a cheery wave to the driver of the other coach as I passed him.  You could have absolutely cut glass with the glare I got in reply!

Didn't have a speed limiter either...

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  • Tickman changed the title to Tickman's stuff. Attempting to get the lift working

Some more wiring happened and I got to the point of seeing did it workPXL_20211019_113434149_MP.thumb.jpg.ff703821bca31dca91f005c9fc2d1cda.jpg

Not bolted down or leveled so only went this high


But it worked.

Bolts to secure it to the floor were donated by @320touring and they were perfect for the job. Today I finally got it bolted down so time for a test run.


That appears to work. Let's try a bit of load on it.


Still working!

This is taken at my eye level when stood up.


That'll do!

Think this will be a bit of a game changer. Now I just need some time to actually do some stuff. 

Workshop needs a massive tidy first though.

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  • Tickman changed the title to Tickman's stuff. Lift working, it is quite the revelation.

Got the lift working mostly as it should now, a little more playing with the wiring is needed to get the limit switches working as they should. 

Had a look over the GSR to see what might be needed for its MOT in January and two CV boots, one each side, and a potential issue with the power steering are the only major concerns. After that the radiator looks utterly ruined but still works as it should.

General grot is starting to take hold and a house move coming up means that its time is very likely up with me.

If anyone is interested then let me know and I can give more details but it will probably get run until the MOT is up in January and that will be that.

To cheer myself up I decided to see if the 205 would get out from behind the lift by going under it.


Yep it does, so


Up it went for a look over and it looks like it should MOT ok with a clean up of the discs.

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  • Tickman changed the title to Tickman's stuff. Left turns only.

Meg's 107 hd decided it didn't want to indicate right. A quick Google shows it is a common issue with the switch dirtying up so with her back from Glasgow for a couple of days I had time for a look.

Airbag out and wheel off


Shroud off to show lots of manky stuff


Switch removed, cleaned up, refitted, tested, removed again, put back together correctly and tested and we have a fixed car for no cost.

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  • Tickman changed the title to Tickman's stuff. Annoying SLK stuff

Couple of annoying issues with the slk to look at.

First a squeak at idle and when switching off. Traced to this.



So I fixed* that


Next the driver's wiper hits the window surround at the end of its sweep. I tried to adjust it a spline but then it hit the other wiper in the park position. 

After a closer look it has the wrong length wipers on resulting in this.


And running over the window rubberPXL_20211112_112057167.thumb.jpg.158906e13eb36f4a5c0f3d86b18e7c04.jpg

Surely it isn't that difficult to pick up the correct wipers!

That shall be remedied later today.


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  • Tickman changed the title to Tickman's stuff. School night collection

I've been looking for a couple of weeks for something to take the place of the GSR.

I've looked at some scrap and been beaten to other overpriced rubbish so I 'relaxed' my criteria. I sent a message to the seller yesterday and agreed to buy it this morning.

Think this is the quickest agree to buy then actually collect I've done!

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First impressions are it is a pretty decent car.

Comfy, good driving position and Alfa steering which is ace, except when you want to park in tight and not so tight spaces. I'm looking forward to my 57 point turns already.

Issues that are a priority:

Find out how to stop the odometer flashing.

Find out what buttons do what.

Get the radio to find something other than Classic. Could have been much worse!

Less important:

Sort the lazy thermostat.

Sort the sloppy gear selector.

Sort whatever is wrong on the rear suspension.

All in all I give it a 14.7/10

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  • Tickman changed the title to Tickman's stuff. More 205 time.

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    • By dome
      This evening I venture forth into hitherto unknown lands (Kirkintilloch) to collect my latest acquisition.

      Which, naturally, has issues.

      I have purchased my first line of defence.

      Which appears to have antigravity properties

      More will follow this evening...
    • By captain_70s
      I'm a masochist from Leeds who is running two rusty, worn out Triumph Dolomites as my only transport in rural Aberdeenshire. You might recognise me from various other forums and Facebook groups. Realistically I need to buy a modern car of some sort, but instead I find myself looking at £300 Citroen BXs and Triumph Acclaims on Gumtree and thinking "yeah, that'd fit right in with the rest of the broken cars I can't afford".
      On to the cars, the main attraction being my 1976 1850HL "50 Shades of Yellow" that I bought for £850 and is currently my daily driver, here is a picture of it before I sanded off some surface rust and sprayed it badly in the wrong shade of yellow with rattle cans:

      Within a month of purchase I managed to plant it in to a steel fence backwards after a botched gear change on a wet roundabout and ruined the N/S rear wing, although judging by the other dent that's packed with filler it looks like somebody had already done the same. I also managed to destroy a halfshaft and one of my Sprint alloys (good for an extra 15hp) in the incident, so now it's sitting on it's original steelies but painted black (good for an extra 5hp).
      It's only broken down on me twice. once with some sort of fuel delivery related problem which may or may not have been an empty fuel tank and once when the thermostat jammed shut and it overheated and blew out some O-rings for the cooling system. It has recently developed a taste for coolant and oil which is rather annoying, although it's done 89,300 miles which is about 80,000 more miles than BL engineering is designed to last, I'm keeping my eye on eBay for replacement engines... 
      I tried to keep ahead of the rust a bit by rubbing down the arches and re-painting them, but apparently rattle can paint isn't great when you are spraying it at -5C, it also highlighted how although my car might have been Inca Yellow in 1976 it's now more of a "cat piss" sort of shade. So I ended up with the wrong shade of yellow which has rust coming back through after 5 weeks. Did I mention I'm incompetent?
      The other car is the first "classic" car I bought, so I can't bear to sell it. It's a '77 Dolomite 1300 and it cost £1400 (about £400 too much) and has been nothing but a pain in the arse:

      It looks much prettier (from 100 yards) but that's most due to the darker paintwork hiding the rust. It lives a mollycoddled life in my garage, where it somehow still manages to rust, and is utterly rubbish. 0-60 is measured on a calendar, top speed is 80ish but at that point it uses more oil than petrol, it rarely ventures over 50mph and if you encounter an incline of any sort you can kiss that sort of speed goodbye, along with about £20 of 20W50 as it vanishes out of the exhaust in the form of blue smoke.
      One of the PO's had clearly never heard of the term "oil change" so it developed into brown sludge that coated everything internally with the next owner(s) blissfully pouring fresh oil on top of it. This lasted until about 600 miles into my ownership when there was muffled "pop" from the engine bay and the car became a 3-cylinder. The cause was catastrophic wear to the top end causing a rocker arm to snap:

      As this was my first classic car I'd assumed it was supposed to sound like the engine was full of marbles, it wasn't.
      I put the engine back together with second hand bits declared it utterly fucked and promptly did another 5000 miles with it. After about 3500 of those miles the oil burning started, valve seals have gone so it's been relegated to my parent's garage as a backup car and something to take to local car shows as the 1850 is now embarrassingly ugly. I'm keeping my eye on eBay for replacement engines (deja vu, anybody?) Oh, I also recently reversed it into a parked Ford Fiesta and royally fucked up the rear bumper, rear panel and bootlid. Did I mention I'm incompetent?
      There have been two other cars in my life. My first car, a 2008 Toyota Yaris 1.0 an it's replacement a 2012 Corsa 1.4T. I didn't really want either of them, but it's a long story involving my parents and poor life choices. Ask if you want to hear it!
      So that's a brief summary of my current shite. If you want more pictures or details of anything do say as I've got photos of almost everything I'd done with the cars.
    • By Shirley Knott
      Greetings all.
      After lurking here for a short while, frankly liking what I see and enjoying the various shite, the site has well and truly struck a chord with me. I'm a serial buyer of ropey sub £1k vehicles, don't have to but genuinely enjoy it.
      I feel like I might (Just might) have found my 'spiritual' home here
      I've been posting across the web on owner specific forums (Usually using either my JoeyEunos or RandomPrecion handles) for a while now, but from here-on-in I will pull my threads together and merge them here into one ghastly topic.
      My current steeds...
      Lupo 1.7 SDI
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      and the work/story so far...http://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?/topic/102863-joeyeunoss-sdi-beater/
      Golf Mk4 SDI
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      Early (1989) Mk1 Eunos (This one was recently sold)
      SAM_4656 by
      the thread...http://www.mx5nutz.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=213274
      Other shite I've owned and moved on in the last year include this ropey Passat...
      SAM_6011 by
      and this legendary £300 Fiesta Finesse...
      Festa by
      Cars I'd like to own/actively looking for in the forthcoming weeks/months/years...
      Rover 75 (Dizzler)
      Peugeot 405 (XUD)
      Mk1 Octavia (Estate/dizzler, pre pd or SDI)
      Honda CRV (Gen1)
      Volvo 240/850
    • By SiC
      Paid and picked up today by @Inspector Morose. Awaiting delivery tomorrow by @worldofceri.
      Been a bit of a shit year, so a little Xmas present to myself with some inheritance I received this year. Rather quite excited!!
      Had some issues with the V5 earlier today where it was still on the owner before the sellers name. Got a receipt and the seller seemed pretty genuine. 
      Bought sight unseen, apart from some poor pictures on an eBay auction. So also a bit nervous. Has been regularly MOT'd with no real bad advisories or failure till 2018 though.
      The eBay auction is still about if you look for it. Not the price I paid as it didn't hit reserve, but wasn't massively more. No pictures apart from that and this from a March 1996 Practical Classics

      Hilariously* I think this car actually is now suffering from the issues warned about in this article. 

      Will need some welding to both back rear arches, nearside (bolt on) wing and a-pillar. The pillar is the biggest concern as these can be rust traps that rot out from the hinge. Underside looks good from the photos though. 
      I'm promising myself not to poke to begin with and just drive the bugger. 
      More tomorrow.
    • By rusty_vw_man
      Been a serial lurker and occasional poster of nonsense, but have never quite got round to posting some pictures and the ongoing tribulations of being a serial VW licker.
      First a disclaimer - I like old VWs, partly as I grew up with them and partly because I understand how the work and I can fix* them. I do not like the 'scene' attached to them, it seems to attract too many of a certain type of person I am often allergic to - they bring me out in a shouty rage. 
      First car was a'69 beetle in red, driven flat out everywhere  until the rust took it. This was followed by a succession of Mk2 golf , vauxhall omega (vauxhall being close to VW in the sales ads)  a free Mk3 golf which was dire and tried to kill me multiple times. I have no photos of any of these as they were pre-camera phone and mostly awful. 
      Then came a T25 camper bought using generous donations from friends and family at our wedding . Bought, and a week later after hovering 15 years of dog hair out of it, we drove it all the way to northern Norway on honeymoon. Used it for a while.
      Bought a vauxhall astra estate (again, it was almost a VW in the sales section). It sucked. It did a year of commuting then it was scrapped. Was gifted a skoda fabia estate by my dad as a sensible run around. 
      During this time my wife wanted a sensible runaround for her and the kids, so we bought a bright orange 1971 beetle (rusty of course) which was excellent fun. People were openly critical of apparent lack of regard for our offsprings safety. I pointed out it had seat belts.
       Due to rusting the T25 was sold as a project, the Skoda was sold for being too dull and a T2 purchased.
      Here is the peak of VW ownership, where the beetle, bay and T25 are all in one place just before sale:

      So now we had two aircooled vehicles, the newest of which was  made in 1973.
      This lasted for exactly 9 months., during which I did lots of this:

      to be repeatedly rewarded with this:
      When the breakdown driver asks how the kids are getting on, you know you've seen him too much....
      I also conducted some invisible repairs on the rusty bits of the beetle. I'll point them out if anyone can't see them:

      A promotion and car allowance then allowed me to purchase a C3 Picasso (best not ask, I hate it). Its purple. I feel like a dick when I drive it. 
      Beetle then had to go due to third child and not enough seats, but it had the good engine, the van did not. A swap occurred. My neighbors love* me and find my antics endearing*. I clearly have no need for a drive or garage.

      After 1 too many FTPs, I was told van or family. I chose family and the van left. 
      I then went a looked at another T25 minibus (three kids now) and was in much trouble for even considering another van. 
      Two weeks later, after some small* arguments* we were in total agreement* and the van was purchased. 
      Roughly 18 months ago - note lovely laqueer peel, mismatched rear wing and low level tide mark:


      After some light fiddling I have made a very basic day van affair, and we dragged it with camping gear and the three kids all the way up to the arctic circle in Finland last summer (wife has family in that part of the world).
      6 days before departure I noticed the rear suspension had a bit of paint hanging off. I pulled and it showed this below:

      Trip to machine mart, a google of "mig wleding for numpties" and a youtube video later and I'd made this:

      and away we went. 
      Here it is in a moody B&W photo  in the land of the midnight sun, which really brings out the high quality paint. the rear suspension is still attached though, so winning. 
      That's an epic catch up post really, but will use this space now to document the exciting* repairs and work done on it to keep everything attached .and working.... 
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