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peugeot 405 td for 65 quid anyone?

the judge

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You tight git you got the car for free! :-)

To be fair to me, I did pay £130 for it. Then got a train 120 miles north to collect it then drive it home.


Store in in my yard for couple of months ( which I pay rent on) then will remove engine and help load into car


Seems fair to me, how much would you charge for this service? ☺

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He says he will have it, let me know nearer the time I'll give you his details


Peugeot today decided to do a bub


Drove fine when i bought it but been parked up since. Took it for MoT yesterday, it broke down on the way. Managed to get it tow started with the help of a good Samaritan named Paul who I have never met before, plenty of decent people out there still!


Started fine today initially then cut out. Bypassed the lift pump with an in line filter and priming bulb


Would only run if I kept pressing bulb otherwise filter would empty


Put and electric in line pump in to see if that would fix it. Ticks over now but only just and misfires when revved. No air in system. Lucas fuel pump died I reckon, can't think of any other explanation?

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