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Land Rova shenanigans

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so interior door panel off and I can easily see the bit I need to play with




First stop is to abuse the workings with a nice lubricant, I chose a silicon spray as being the only thing I could find




It didnt work


So next is undo the mounting plate for the central locking and slide it to the right. This lessens the distance that the solenoid has to move to do the job




This worked




N/S/R door fault was because the cheap nasty 1990s plastics were gnashing and preventing the plunger from rising every time. Mr Silicon fixed it quickly and easily.


I need to tell Mrs thestag that silicon fixes all of mans problems!!

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Introducing Red Shed


Needs a shed load of welding, it is a shed and it is also mostly red, over rust and bahama gold.


These are the pics from the ebay ad back in mid Feb 2015. Lots of nice early features here meaning this most probably is a 1972 car and not a 1982 car wearing a chassis plate!














^^ Overdrive




^^ Bottom hinge is attached to fresh air




The chassis is pretty sound apart from aft of the back axle on the drivers side, and the drivers side front outrigger


The body frame is pretty fucked but you can get everything to rebuild, it will be a mammoth weldathon though. Bulkhead sills and a/b posts are the best bits. The rest will need work.


It has been "modernised" possibly in the early 80's the arch extensions of solid glassfibre, it has spacers and wolfrace rimz. The carpet is properly trimmed and edged. the red bits on the dash have not faded nor chipped with time. The seat coverings are buttoned leather but way past it. Enough early features remain to confirm it is 1972


The running gear is all good. it starts and moves about but only just stops. It has an edlebrock manifold and big carb on the top.


The outer body panels are all good except the tailgates. the top will not open and the bottom is glassfibre. the drivers door is ok and will be welded up, the passenger door is scrap. I might be able to cut some repair panels from it but to be honest it is rust, glass and birmabrite


Fatha thestag and I negotiated and agreed a price that we were all happy with. Mrs the stag went nuts. We had it brought back to north Devon from Herefordshire via a local garage proprietor for a very reasonable number of reddies


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I recognise Red Shed... 

Being a Hereford Lad myself..  ;) 

There is a picture of it and my Dads '74 tuscan blue one together somewhere, my dad wanted it because the first 3 letters of the plate are his initails ;) 

Owner didn't cave though and it disappeared, apparently. 


This is a Pic of my Dads, 



I'll have to see if i can find the one with them together! :) 

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