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320tourings CX Prestige thread.


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Ha! Good luck to them with that.

the RAC man got the manifold off (2 bolts at the front and 4 jubilee clips on the intake boots) so it is pretty much stripped.


I found an alternator in the boot with the same mounts, but a different pulley. I think I may have some investigation to do. If the spare one works its not looking too scary a job tbh

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Got a bit more looked at on this at the weekend - key thing is solving the charging issue. Battery light comes on when you key on and goes off once started


Spare Alternator



Plenty of stuff in the way



Inlet off, still can't really see it



Got 1 pulley off, and could get to the 21mm back bolt. Unfortunatly I didnt have a 21mm spanner, and a socket and ratchet would not fit..





at this point I put it back together and will take it to a local alternator place tomorrow -they are apparently able to supply and fit for a reasonable price.

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Is this seperately chassis?!


Nope, Longerons tie the front and rear subframes together for assembly, and they also disperse crash forces rearward, but they're not strong - lift the body off a CX and if you stand on a longeron, it'll fold.


Likewise, don't jack in the middle of them, it will end badly. Sills are stronger - the whole body is strong enough to self support, these are tough cars bodywise.

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