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Chod North East. Spotting through time.

Jim Bell

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2 hours ago, Jim Bell said:

Chillingham Road, Newcastle, Heaton. 


When I worked for ScS, in the early 90's any 3 piece suites that we collected from a customer when delivering their new one. We would take to the secondhand shops in Chillingham Road,    £20-£30 a suite sometimes 2-3 times a day,5 days a week. Newcastle and the coast up to Whitley Bay was our run.

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On 27/06/2021 at 17:25, Jim Bell said:

Benton Road shops. Newcastle. 


Walkerville Garage [Skoda dealers] *showroom was behind photographer... First in row, after petrol station.


Bought/Collected both 130LSE & Rapid cooup there....

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On 5/24/2021 at 10:34 PM, Jim Bell said:

Neville Street, Newcastle. 


Just catching up after being AWOL for a couple of months and had to comment on this.  The Dog and Parrot was a very popular haunt of mine back in the 90s when it was renamed Tut n Shive (part of a chain owned by Whitbread. Remember them?), and I also worked there for about 7-8 years or so. Part time to fit around my other work, bloody loved it.

Renamed back to the Dog again now of course, has been for quite a few years, but it's lost all of it's charm from the 90s as have many a boozer.

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4 hours ago, tooSavvy said:

Has/had the D&P a 'micro brewery' and you can see it through glass panes in the floor, into cellar?

Not any more. 

You're correct about the (heavily scratched) glass panel in the floor near the door to the ladies which allowed a view down into the cellar where the setup was. However that got royally fucked in the 80s when a relief manager whacked the heaters on without any water in the jackets. Burnt out the elements and basically killed off the gimmick as it was. The tanks needed to be cut up to be removed and that was the end of that.  It did mean the cellar was lovely to work in, three rooms and great setup for the stillage too. Best setup I've seen in an 'old' pub.

Just read the link above which is nicely detailed. I thought it stopped in the 80s, not 1990, but my memory back then is somewhat addled. Partly due to the copious amounts of lager and Castle Eden I consumed in that very boozer.

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On 7/22/2021 at 6:52 PM, tooSavvy said:

I uaed to stagger round the corner, from the Hofbrau Haus, and get the bus to Winlaton from the bus station *now Centre For Life :(

That bus station, Malborough Crescent,  was also the home for various coach outfits too, including the infamous Barton Bus.  As a kid I'd be chucked on that on my visits back to the midlands to see family and friends in Nuneaton with nowt more than a few Commando comic books (remember those?) and a couple of cheese butties. It took about seven and a half hours and even now I see places like Worksop and Worsop and it brings memories back of that coach journey.

When building the Centre for Life they also discovered a load of human remains there too which needed forensic archaeologists to remove and relocate them, allegedly it was a dumping ground from a cholera outbreak. One chap in particular used to come to the Dog frequently for the months and months it took to do, it really pushed the development back. Lovely chap and always very interesting, even to a 20 something barman.  I was also responsible for the coloured lights in the mesh stairway at either end getting rearranged; I got a lift back from Sunderland one day with one of the architects on the project and I commented the sequence meant a few of them merged and looked odd (yellow and red and the green and blue). The next day she said she agreed and had arranged to get them switched to be better contrasts to each other. 😆



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