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Primrose R75...... The End, for now...


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I know you want the primrose one but think of the work:


New tyres, at least a basic service, full valeting and paint correction, fan working? Thermostat housing? Belts? Other stuff? MOT


Blue one: ok belts at some point, screen, fan. 


The blue one is an excellent car and needs much less doing to it, you already love it and it is a known quantity.

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I think you should buy it if it's a straight low mileage Connie in primrose as it's a car you really want and as you know your going to be hard pressed to find another low mileage straight 75 in that colour as time goes by although there are a lot of low mileage Giffer owned 75s going cheap at the moment but it always seems their in that horrible metallic light green or silver.


I know your paying top money for it at £500 but at the end of the day if it's only service items and tyres it needs all cars need them at sometime one way or another..


If you don't buy it your only going to kick yourself as I always do when I miss out on a motor I want so I wouldn't push him to low on the price maybe suggest £50/100 less... Otherwise he might get narky with you and for the sake of a couple of hundred it's really not worth losing something you really want


The problem is he knows your really after that particular colour now and you've shown him your hand and obviously told him how rare a colour it is and you've already suggested the price to him so your going to have to tread carefully and not go too low ball on a price when buying it.


The very worst case scenario is if you had to weigh it in so the most you could lose is £300 and most people do that apart from us lot on a car lease a month with nothing to show for it.


Buy it and put a nice coat of wax on it and put 40psi in the tyres and leave the handbrake off and some chocks under the wheels and come back to it once you've finished working away.


Also it will give you something to look forward getting stuck into once your back home and that in itself is worth the money.


Or try and look at it another way as some people pay that for a Peugeot 307 or a Laguna MK2 so if you look at this way you've got a really decent car for the price of a garden ornament.

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Strike while the iron's hot, you know you want the thing.


Work out how you're going to raise the extra cash whilst keeping both cars (maybe temporarily).  You've said storage isn't a problem.


Tell him firmly but politely things have changed slightly since you last spoke, you're going away shortly but you'll give him £400 cash now, or else he can forget it.


Get it safely picked up and tucked away somewhere.


Concentrate on either selling the blue one or deciding whether you're going to keep them both for a while.


Get some sleep having stopped agonising.


If all goes tits up you'll still get half your money back if you scrap either of them.

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^^It all makes perfect sence, its just trying to juggle the two whilst im working 1000 miles away in another country. I did bloomin tell him I was working away for most of July so it really needs to happen asap (this was 10 days ago). Im stuck working in London the next two days then im off to Portugal which I cannot get out of now.


If he loses out on my £500 its because he divered. 10 days ago I would of shot round with the dosh, but having had more time to mull over it seems like less and less of a good idea.


Fuck it, its just some faded yellow paint at the end of the day, goodness knows when it was last serviced, 4 odd tyres, 2 broken mirrors etc etc

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Dont stretch yourself financially over an exceedingly mediocre car.



Yeah, yeah, rare colour etc but its never going to be worth any actual money, no matter how rare it gets.

Four decent tyres and all the service parts are going to cost you £3-400ish straight off the bat, and thats assuming it doesnt need a further £200 of brake or suspension work for the MOT.

If you want it, and I mean really WANT it, you would have said yes to him by now.

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Its been bleached in the sun so it wont come back now. You could make it shiney but the actual pigment on the bonnet, roof and especially the boot has gone.


Here what I think it needs straight off;


Front discs / pads £200 (supply and fit)

Exhaust system middle and rear £150

4 tyres £200

2 bullet mirrors £35-£45 second hand

Full service £200


Could quite easily sink £800 into it for the MOT which is due in 4 weeks. And those are the things I know of.


The electric seats dont work, the sunroof also doesn't work and the CD player is missing. I assume it came with one being a connie? There is also some light damage on the NSF wing and bumper.


Shiters, what the actual fookerty fook was I thinking offering him £500 ???

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Knowers of Roverchod, pliz tell FACTs about Rover 75 2.5 V6 pezzers, preferably post facelift, very late ones eg 2005.  Worth a go?  Cheeerze.

There was a very long, impressively detailed "everything-you-ever-wanted-to-know-about-R75s" post on here about 6 months ago. Not sure how to find it again but maybe someone on here can fish it out. Will save it this time. 


I had a last week of production R75 2.5 V6, which was great, but new at the time, so can't really give any tips on what to look for now.


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Good result there.


I fear things will not end well though, but who cares about that just now you've got the car you wanted!


Its ok, I have pre-warned my bank about the prospect of bankruptcy within the next 4 weeks, but atleast I will own two 75's and one in a faded rare shade for extra shite points.  8)

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Glad you have got your dream car.


You know you have made it in life when you have a primrose 75.


However if it was me I'd have drowned the seller in his own sweat before doing the deal - he did well getting £400 and he bloody knows it.

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Right, spoke to the owner this evening, his happy with £400, I of course could not say no.


It will initially be squirreled away for a few weeks over at my mums whilst I am away, then I will come back for the dreaded MOT due date in August.




Told you!


Most excellent news, EDW

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