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(DIY Service?) CRV Cat nicked, FFS


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On 6/9/2015 at 9:16 PM, Pillock said:

The only thing I don't like doing myself is brake fluid. I've never done it, but I don't like the idea of it. Hence my daily is running on three year old fluid....


Get a pressure bleeder ( I have a Sealey Vs820, others are available), fill with 1l brake fluid and attach to fluid reservoir. Pump it a few times then go round and loosen the bleed nipples one at a time until fluid runs clear. Really is quite simple. The most time consuming part is likely to be taking the wheels off if the billed nipples aren't accessible. 

I have also started fitting stainless steel nipples to avoid any future seized or snapped issues.

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  • stephen01 changed the title to (DIY Service?) CRV New rubber

After 2 years I’ve finally got a new rubber hose, from the back of the air box, from memory these are £80 odd plus vat from Honda, it also need a new passenger light as I’d bloody cracked it helping someone move some furniture, the light had about 4 inches of water in and the reverse light had stopped working. 

had both from someone breaking a mk2.5 local for about £60 which is a very good price, rear lights sell for this and all the rubbers seem to be borked on any that are breaking- common issue on the 2.2 diesel. 

MOT is this month so thought I best do it as I’ve had the bits in the boot for the best part of 4 weeks now. 


Vs ‘new’F90BA21B-13CC-438F-88CC-EAD83E85A12D.thumb.jpeg.484916c95e44efa78c1b34fa205c380e.jpeg 

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  • 8 months later...

It was only a matter time, cat was nicked off the car last night, didn’t hear a thing, apart from this morning when it sounded like an F1 car 😳 

I’m extremely pissed about this, had my car 10 years and some twat has done this. 

I’m loathed to go through my insurance as they’ll just write it off.

What are my actual options? I’ve only had a quick look as I was leaving for my lads football, but I assume they’ve cut through sensors etc

anyone breaking a CRV? Mk2 diesel

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  • stephen01 changed the title to (DIY Service?) CRV Cat nicked, FFS

Yeah a diesel one means they don't know what they're doing, saw a Honda and just thought £££. 

Depending on how much of a cunt they've been, you'll need rear o2 sensor, a pattern cat, a centre section, and possibly a manifold. When mine got nicked off my Civic Aerodeck they cut past the flanges on the cat and unplugged the o2 sensor. 


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I’ve just managed to get a minute for myself, mainly as I’ve had to nip to my brothers to move some stuff for him. 

No lights on, so I don’t think they’ve cut any cables? Drives fine, if a little loud and turbo 



I mean you can see why they target CRV’s they probably only crawled under it with a power cutter. 

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That sucks - mine got done last week too although they must have got disturbed mid theft as it only got cut through at one end, the cat is still there but I need a new mid section to replace the bit they chopped. Wankers. 



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7 minutes ago, stephen01 said:

I’m hoping so, I’m very tempted to just have a ‘decat’ 

If that's the case maybe this might be a 'temporary solution' made to your spec. I don't know if it will fit as I can only see the one side chop.


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