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Is this the future fad?


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The first time I noticed this was on a Focus that had a shiney steel plate over the high-level brake light with the word "Focus" (oddly enough) cut out of it.


I have stickers on the rear indicators of the F, a Knuckleduster outline rear right and the letters "cKy" on the rear left. They don't obscure the indicator but if the MoT man grumbles, they can go, it's not like they are expensive or anything

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Two minutes.

Just two minutes.

For two minutes in my life, I'd like to be daft enough to want to stick some stickers with incomprehensible gibberish on them onto my brake lights.

Just to see what this feels like.

I mean, it must physically hurt, mustn't it?



You could get a lazer cut piece of stainless, with the word Focus cut out.


Saw one attached to a mk1 Focus central brake light and thought "I wish I could try too hard"

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I think stickers are the way to go as most of today's yoof wouldn't know what to do with a screwdriver or spanner so this is the only way they can pimp their ride.


Listen. You can "probably" get an NVQ 2 in adhesive technology, and almost certainly get a Phd in Adhesive Application with robot, and almost certainly save money not having screws.


We had a project at Garret, looking at high tech barcoded stickers instead of aluminium name serial number plates, but erm they melted.

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I saw a Mondeo estate the other day that had an entire arm hanging out of the tailgate.


We had a lass at work with an St24, which spat out it's exhaust wadding and looked like the tail of a small cute furry animal.  I managed to convince her that a badger had climbed into her exhaust and died from the fumes.


I'm not sure whether this was retribution enough for her telling me I should respond to my spam emails, by emailing "unsubscribe" to them. Fucking IT 'experts'

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Nothing would surprise me: there is a Golf near here that has the large, pink, text " vag stance " along the base of the windscreen........



There's a club for barry boys with a particular interest in VW Group products called "Scottish Vag". I kid you not.

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