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17252177371_2a74ddbbab_c.jpgPeugeot 309 gld by srblythe, on Flickr


17017271189_d7cd266d84_c.jpgDSC_8486 by srblythe, on Flickr


16580210624_b6831c0a82_c.jpgDSC_8594 by srblythe, on Flickr


17202071461_a11f826a7d_c.jpgDSC_8618 by srblythe, on Flickr


Gr8 4 offroadin'


I had a bit of an incident with it after work earlier this week, I came out to a flat tyre on the rear and no spare with the car so drove it home at 20mph with the hazards on. It was not very much fun. I passed some traffic cops but they were too busy pulling someone else to pay much attention.

I needed a new wheel so I bought a set of 106 xsi alloys for £50 but need to find some flat washer wheel bolts so I can fit them.

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It failed!


Welding needed here.


16635247034_a6f2c5b3df_c.jpgDSC_8736 by srblythe, on Flickr


and here


17255941082_bcc634b71f_c.jpgDSC_8735 by srblythe, on Flickr


Other stuff it failed on was a headlight bulb, number plate bulb, horn not working, no washer fluid and brake binding on rear drum. All in a couple of hours to put right. I've got 2 weeks to get it done then in for a free retest!



Excellent purchase FOAD. M Reg is the last year of Panda registration. 'Colour' to boot, a popular special edition, I think the blue is the common colour. Came in a green and a red too. M was last due to Fiat UK scared new Cinquecento sales would be affected by RHD Panda continuation. Carried on in Mainland Europe til 2003 though...


And. They all do that Sir...


I've yet to see a Panda where the boot floor seams aren't fucked. Except my 45CL...don't know how that happened...


It's a common thing that. The boot seams were spot welded on a 'hit and miss' basis and then rammed with sealant at the factory...It's an easy enough repair though...


I had to do it on my 750 last year but only on one side and only a few inches in two sections...


Somebody on Fiatforum had a Panda shell dipped at surface processing somewhere in the Midlands. That section where yours is rotten had sections where there was 2 or 3 mm of daylight after the acid had eaten all the sealant and whatnot...


It's got a Carlisle (HH) reg number BTW...

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It didn't actually get scrapped, It was sold to the scrap yard who were able to sell it on, they have a selection of too good to scrap vehicles including this...


17176691996_7e313684b2_c.jpgDSC_8508 by srblythe, on Flickr


17200968502_01e8432540_c.jpgHonda Concerto by srblythe, on Flickr


The only issue with the panda is the welding, everything else can be put down to sitting unused for months.


check out the mileage...


17055324847_63aac6bb5e_c.jpgDSC_8772 by srblythe, on Flickr

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I drove the Panda around 40 miles yesterday (going to and from the mot station, honest!) it performed faultlessly except a bit of understeer on hard cornering and the injector warning light coming on intermittently, I'll see if some fresh fuel, new leads, plugs and an Italian tune up gets rid of the warning light.

While on my travels I stopped in to look at a potential new unit and found this beast!


17069942558_03376d2458_c.jpgDSC_8769 by srblythe, on Flickr


2.0 16v!


17070158340_37ba1d2766_c.jpgDSC_8768 by srblythe, on Flickr


17257715235_a2413f63ce_c.jpgDSC_8771 by srblythe, on Flickr



Still prefer the Panda though...

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Concerto looks nice. What are they after for it? And are they biddable on prices?


Tempted to rescue it and rehome at my leisure if it's cheap.


£375 but I think they are open to offers on most stuff. They originally wanted £350 for the Panda but let me have it for £300. They said they won't sell anything for less than 300 so that's the lowest I could take it for.

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Strange to think fiat were knocking out the tipo and the panda at the same time. I must say the tipo styling seems to have aged really well, that rear 3/4 view looks fresh for something that was signed off for production in the mid 80s.


I think partly its the chunky light clusters and bold styling. Far nicer than the bravo/ brava successors IMO.


Edit- just watching montalbano,i cant help but think he should have chosen a sedicivalvole model too, to help with chasing the sicilian crims.

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Tempted to give the concerto the once over and see if it looks like it might pass an MOT.


www.centralfm.co.uk doing £10 MOT vouchers just now for D&G autocare which is where I took the Astra last week.


They're pretty fair on tests even when you hit them between the eyes with a voucher.

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Love the Panda, good shout for 300 and good on the breaker for attempting to sell old er and rarer cars back into the wild.


Surprisingly strong cars. My friend piled his parents g reg example into a telegraph pole at 40mph and the passenger compartment, and all occupants were intact!

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Strange to think fiat were knocking out the tipo and the panda at the same time. I must say the tipo styling seems to have aged really well, that rear 3/4 view looks fresh for something that was signed off for production in the mid 80s.


I think partly its the chunky light clusters and bold styling. Far nicer than the bravo/ brava successors IMO.


Edit- just watching montalbano,i cant help but think he should have chosen a sedicivalvole model too, to help with chasing the sicilian crims.


I had both around the same time. So of all cars, I find Fiat to be the most entertaining to drive - I went X1/9 and Panda 4x4 to Tipo then Punto Sporting followed (rapidly, rejecting the Punto at the dealer it was so underbraked for the possible performance) by Marea Weekend 1.6SX, the only car I have been caught speeding in and it was an average of 107.4 on the M4. Was actually doing an indicated 125 when I passed the cop car between two trucks and slammed the brakes on, they got their quarter mile - just ;)


If car sales were a meritocracy, the Tipo would be hallowed and everywhere. The Punto Sporting 1.2 I had was one of the quickest cars down the Kelso-Gattonside road*, but I managed to end up with no brakes, just clouds of smoke. 0-60 might have been good but they didn't make everything else match :(


* fun times. Garage was just outside Kelso where we hung out/messed about with cars. They wanted chips. Chippy in Kelso was shut, so I took the Manta to Langlee Chippy in Galashiels. Left at 10:30, came back bang on 11 and retrieved the chips from under the bonnet where I'd been keeping them warm. Google maps reckons it's 15 miles each way...



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White wheels on a white car have to match, but worse, have to be kept spotless. Until I put 16" white Monzas on my white 480ES, I had remained alien to the products of "wax for wheels" and using a toothbrush to clean around the nuts.

It was a momentous day, that first nut-cleaning-with-a-toothbrush experience. I suddenly understood what the guy with the E36 coupé was doing with all four wheels off his car EVERY WEEKEND.

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    • By loserone
      I reckon I fancy a change.  This is nice.  Really, quite nice indeed.
      But regular readers will know I am growing keener on having a comfortable ride quality these days, and this has 17" wheels on.  Wheels bigger than 15" are suitable only for bicycles.  Hence, here's a roffle.
      Tan leather in good nice
      Dual zone climate control which works
      Heated leather front and rear
      It's the top spec 250BHP HOT one so it's not entirely slow
      Two good keys
      Memory seats
      Stack of history rivalling a CISSP textbook
      MOT until 03/08/2021
      I'm getting 33 MPG from it.
      Everything works.
      Lacquer peel.  The roof and bonnet have been resprayed at some point, and nearly all the lacquer has come off.  I reckon 5 minutes with a jetwash would make it look matt and less noticeable. 
      The exhaust has started blowing recently.  I've not even looked at it, it's fine from the inside but throaty from the outside.
      It will need a small patch on the bottom of the wheel arch on one side, but looks nothing like as bad as the maroon one which was recently for sale on here.
      @davehedgehog31 reckons it sometimes uses a bit of oil.  The owner previous to him had the turbo changed 50k ago (!) in an attempt to resolve this.  However, I've found that generally it's not using oil any more than I might reasonably expect - say, half a pint every 1000 miles?
      The OSF wheelbearing drones at 50-55MPH.  I don't do 50-55MPH anywhere, I'm either doing 30 or 80, so this hasn't affected me.  However, there's a new wheelbearing for it in the boot.  I'm THAT lazy.

      Given the SMOLL HOLES in the exhaust and wheelarch, I'm sure it's not worth as much as the marvellous looking one for sale on here elsewhere with the lower spec and smaller engine and wrong gearbag.  So I reckon £12 a ticket, or three for £30.  Sound alright?
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    • By loserone
      Not actually a roffle, sorry.  What have been our best roffles? I quite liked winning a Lexus LS400..
    • By Six-cylinder
      Six-Cylinder Entertains – Virtual Roffle of my Maserati BiTurbo
      As I can’t sing or dance I had to think up an alternative entertainment. I have noticed how much people enjoy a Roffle and obviously collection is difficult at the moment so I am holding a Roffle for one of my cars, the difference is it is virtual and no collection needed!
      You can dream for a short while of having a Maserati BiTurbo. I value the car at £5,000 so tickets are £84.00, usual format after all numbers are “sold” the bonus number of the next National Lottery draw is the winner
      To make it clear you will not get my Maserati at the end of it, neither will you have to pay £84 for a ticket.
      I do have a little treat for the winner as I have a 1:43 scale model of a Biturbo saloon to send them as a gift. If you are the winner and want to be taken out in the real one or maybe even have a short drive after lockdown I will be pleased to accommodate you.
      Up for Virtual Roffle is my :
      1987 Maserati 425 biturbo saloon, 2.5 carburettor twin turbo V6 190 bhp and feels more because of a great wedge of torque in the mid range. 5 speed gearbox with dogleg 1st.
      Owned for 7 years.
      MOT 13th November 2020, but I believe it will benefit from having 6 months added to mean it will not need a fresh MOT until May 2021.
      Excellent running condition. Just 60, 000 miles, original leather book pack with service history to 48,000 miles then lots of invoices. Cambelt 2 years ago, brake callipers, recent pair of new tyres. Several rubber fuel lines replaced including the dangerous one that lives in the turbo pressure box.
      The Bodywork is always a bugbear with these and we have chased rust a couple of time, windscreen surround, front wings and boot floor. Now a very sound and tidy car if not prize winning.
      Of course there are some negatives:
      Radio/cassette is not working
      Wheels need refurbishing
      Some wear to the interior
      Idle a little high
      Electric boot release can be a bit problematical
      Bonnet 2nd catch release needs a clip.

      Limit one entry per shiter. Just pick your numbers!
      1. brownnova
      2. richardmorris
      3. sickboy
      4. Shite Ron
      5. angle
      6. Asimo
      7. Chancer
      8. Shep Shepherd 
      9. Eyersey1234
      10. chaseracer
      11. Flat4
      12. jonathan_dyane
      13. Crispian_J_Hotson
      14. Cookiesonwest
      15. loserone
      16. Conan
      17. Morris ItalSLX
      18. TheDoctor
      19. robinmasters
      20. rantingYoof
      21. Saabnut
      22. outlaw118
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      53. New Pod
      54. Skizzer
      55.Three Speed
      56. aldo135
      57. Tigerfox
      58. flat4alfa
      59. LightBulbFun
      Remember you only win a 1:43 model, but there is nothing to pay to enter.
      No I don’t want to sell the BiTurbo this is just for fun.
    • By loserone
      This roffle DOES NOT include two new genuine wings. They would be available to purchase by the winner, or I'll sell them separately.
      12 months MOT 

      1 - @davehedgehog31 courtesy of @Jim Bell
      2 - @loserone bought out by @CortinaDave paid
      3 - @Supernaut paid
      4 - @Iamgroot
      5 - @sdkrc oaid
      6 - @TheDoctor paid
      7 - @Tickman paid
      8 - @yes oui si paid
      9 - @jamhowe paid
      10 - @garbaldy paid
      11 - @sdkrc paid
      12 - @barefoot paid now @holbeck
      13 - @robinmasters didn't pay, now @twosmoke300
      14 - @Tickman paid
      15 - @loserone now @Lacquer Peel paid
      16 - @jamhowe paid
      17 - @sdkrc paid
      18 - @Tickman courtesy of @Jim Bell
      19 - @davehedgehog31 paid
      20 - @fatharris courtesy of @twosmoke300 paid
      21 - @DodgyBastard paid
      22 - @davehedgehog31 paid
      23 - @barrett paid
      24 - @Tamworthbay paid
      25 - @TheDoctor paid
      26 - @DodgyBastard paid
      27 - @bramz7 paid
      28 - @Iamgroot
      29 - @garbaldy paid
      30 - @Shirley Knott paid
      31 - @robinmasters didn't pay, now @twosmoke300
      32 - @Jim BellBell's mate paid
      33 - @robinmasters didn't pay, now @twosmoke300
      34 - @Shirley Knott paid
      35 - @Jimbob McGregor paid
      36 - @yes oui si paid
      37 - @fatharris courtesy of @twosmoke300 paid
      38 - @Jimbob McGregor paid
      39 - @jamhowe paid
      40 - @Tickman paid
      41 - @TheDoctor paid
      42 - @loserone
      43 - @Shirley Knott paid
      44 - @LightBulbFun paid
      45 - @Schaefft I'll let you off for 50p
      46 - @garbaldy paid
      47 - @Shirley Knott4Knott4Knott4KnoKnott4Knott4Knott4Kno no, not him, @barefoot paid now @holbeck
      48 - @davehedgehog31 paid
      49 - @fatharris courtesy of @twosmoke300 paid
      50 - @barefoot paid now @holbeck
      51 - @Jimbob McGregor paid
      52 - @LightBulbFun paid
      53 - @Iamgroot
      54 - @DodgyBastard paid
      55 - @loserone no not him, now @puddlethumper paid
      56 - @Shep Shepherd paid
      57 - @yes oui si paid
      58 - @petermcpete paid
      59 - @LightBulbFun paid

    • By gm
      this is mother gm with her little "redster" on the day I handed over the keys

      many adventures have been had over the past year but it is now time to find a new home for the plucky pug
      basic infos : 126350 miles, mot until October 2020, in the last year it has been serviced, had a new exhaust, battery and a set of winter tyres, it's a fun little thing to chuck about the back roads and, as you can see, is a breeze to park

      (she will kill me for using those photos)
      the waving elf has sadly been removed, it was deemed to be inappropriate for a funeral convoy last week
      the bodywork looks better in the pics than in the flesh, there are a number of scrapes and dings, at some point it's had an accident repair

      but the steelies are painted "Peugeot Rallye White" which more than makes up for it 
      inside is pretty clean, everything works as it should - not that there are many toys, the CD player has an aux in and the windows are electric, the gearnob is a genuine JakeBullet poolball, the parcel shelf is a gm original with one sony and one jbl speaker
      that speedo optimistic, it will not top a ton but will do 70 in second if you push it, 90 can be achieved in third, fourth or fifth - it doesn't seem to matter which 

      there is a spare tyre and toolz and a tottie wee engine in there somewhere

      so who's up for a random or two ? 
      tickets are £12 each or 2 for £20, PayPal preferred, it is taxed (only £20 a year) but not currently insured, location is Chester-le-street, the lucky winner can be collected from Durham or Newcastle station
      who wouldn't want to be this happy ?


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