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FOAD's ever changing fleet

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Found some snow to play in!


32454177567_80e054d3db_k.jpgRJC_7608 by srblythe, on Flickr


33520095698_dc0b3f420f_k.jpgRJC_7615 by srblythe, on Flickr


Also found another couple of Subarus for spares.


47343246422_ce3529324a_k.jpgRJC_7624 by srblythe, on Flickr


47395949581_a84b932fe8_k.jpgRJC_7633 by srblythe, on Flickr


47343244492_fae0ef812d_k.jpgRJC_7629 by srblythe, on Flickr


I spotted both of them a few years ago and enquired about buying them, the farmer said he would sell the beige one but was using the blue one but now the blue one is knackered he will sell me both of them. I think I will buy both and try making a good one from both of them.

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Today I went and paid for these two


46770564844_54dc44c331_k.jpgRJC_7803 by srblythe, on Flickr


47441216442_3d848c276f_k.jpgRJC_7804 by srblythe, on Flickr


47441215172_c2fc2fd7a3_k.jpgRJC_7807 by srblythe, on Flickr


33617371318_a22c190103_k.jpgRJC_7810 by srblythe, on Flickr


32552036457_d169fa6a1e_k.jpgRJC_7811 by srblythe, on Flickr


33617369378_099e6149cb_k.jpgRJC_7814 by srblythe, on Flickr



They are both pretty knackered but hopefully they will provide some decent spares for my other one. I took some videos too so will try and piece them all together later.

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"Will it start?"

*starter halfheartedly turns twice and dies*

"Fuuuuuuck. That'll be no then"


That Ranger repair was exquisite. Didn't want to weld though did it?


The Subarus don't even look too bad, considering they're farm hacks...

I was expecting it to start no bother, I had just removed the battery from the diesel w123 which I had running 5 minutes previously and fitted it to the ranger.

There were a number of factors as to why it wasn't welding particularly well, the earth connection was poor, it was rusty and the metal I was trying to stick together varied in thickness so it wasn't arcing very well or was blowing holes in the thinner bits.

The rest of the ranger isn't pretty so I wasn't all that bothered about trying to do a good job or make it look nice.


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