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Brownnova’s periodically updated thread of pictures of interesting cars...

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Small update so I can’t be one of those guys accused of never posting car related stuff....



Cars cars cars... don’t we just love ‘em. Especially old and rusty ones, which form the majority of my latest spotting.


Near Ludlow I found a few old Ford Sporty models nicely festering like a metaphor of the UK following an event that we mention less than Basil Fawlty mentions the war....






When Britain was great we used to produce cutting edge shite such as the Maestro!! I found two within 2 minute of my house!! I then spent hours looking at Maestros on for sale sites!





Next to the Maestro was this Austin...



Hinduism (which is one of those things beginning with R that we don’t mention) believes that fire is sacred and purifies all it touches. With that in mind please view the purist bus local to me!



Yes I’ve been a touch tongue in cheek in this update, I’m sorry if you haven’t enjoyed my poking fun. But I’m sure one thing we can all agree on and enjoy is a photo of a Pogweasal pink Nissan Almera. Marketed as the car they don’t want you to have. So on that basis I’ve never owned one...




Well that’s all for now, it’s been lovely, I’ll pop back again sometime soon and we can do it all again!

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A crop of my spots of recent weeks.


I seem to have been saving some up here, none of them exactly mind blowing but here we go anyway!

First up this Prelude was a nice change from the usual blandness in a car park in Warwickshire:



Wellesbourne airfield use this Tata as their safety vehicle...



Old lady drove this blue rinse Diahatsu Charade



Seen a glut of 205s lately. This ones the best.



Big fancy Ameri-shite



Local Maestro licker got a new addition.



Festering nicely at my tyre place.



Just yards away from this.



In the country’ hills a Saab returning to nature, but saveable still



A nice early 2CV spotted whilst on my way home from a 2CV event!



Not likely to be stuck in Trafic



A BlueNova



And many a weekend am I awoken by the parp of this exhaust from across the road! post-18217-0-08452900-1555362646_thumb.jpeg


More to come soon spot fans!

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Went to a local cars and coffee event today. I took the Saab, and didn’t stay long...but in amongst the Porsches, Lambos, and copious amounts of Caterham 7s lurked a few gems of shite proportions!


First up was this 3.5litre Kit car which was a pretty thing to look at in an ugly kind of way



Possibly my favourite car of the line was this Fiesta. It was immaculate.



Wish I’d taken mine... although this one would have put it to shame!









You know me, I love a Nova!



Not all Vauxhall’s are shit... there I said it!



Although if i was picking my favourite yellow car I’d take this.



And finally! I was so proud of (soonnto be) Mrs_brownnova when she uttered the most romantic words ever: “aren’t those door handles off a Morris Marina”




Yes, yes they are!

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Time for another update. 

As the weather gets warmer it becomes easier to spot old cars. Owners are enticed out of their centrally heated garages to bring their pride and joy into the sunshine for a little bit of warmth. Not that that’s a problem for any of the festering heaps that I seem to photograph. 

First up is a clear power contrast. The might of the Jensen compared to the sparse power of the Deux Chevaux. 


Up next a superbly dreadful camper seen in Windermere


Onto Chester and an underground carpark, where I was proud to find that my 29-year-old Mazda was the oldest car in the car park. However this Fiat Coupe was a very respectable second.



This skyline is low on the horizon... 


Wonderfully rusty Commer Camper. I’d buy it given the chance! Recent addition to my local caravan storage place. 


I know this isn’t a proper spot, but this steam powered car was fascinating! B6ACC03D-3B00-4F47-8CFB-560EA5FF6A60.thumb.jpeg.36e3c1d83d9acd81ff006da1a8efbfc1.jpeg

The first ever car I posted in this thread was a silver 240


Round the corner from me lives a guy who’s into his Maestros... now he has these... 


And finally for this update a 2CV... because you know I live a 2CV! 


Soecial Estafette update to follow... 

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 When I took my 2CV in for MOT they had this Renault Estefette in for some work too. I couldn’t help us in a few questions about the van seeing as it was so good looking. They said they had it in restoring it from a customer it is needed a few bits of work on the brakes on on the carburettor. But the main thing it needed doing was some welding.  So they sent it for its welding and started to cutaway the rot, with the metal out the way a load of concrete fell out. Thinking at first that this must’ve been some kind of bodge from a previous owner they dismissed it and started to remove it all out of the cull. However they did a little bit of investigation found that actually this Estefette used to be part of the gendarme in France and the concrete has been put there by the French police in order to stop the vehicle is being ram raided! goodness only knows what it did to the performance though must’ve been very very slow! 


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On my journey to work I’ve been spotting this festering beauty for the last couple of months. Finally remember remembered to stop and pap it after a work colleague mentioned he’d spotted it and thought it might be one he and his dad built over 25 years ago! 


My colleague is planning to have a closer look this weekend and if it is he’s going to ask to buy it!

No idea what it is, but it looks well gone in places! 

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1 hour ago, anonymous user said:

Looks like a Spartan kit car, most of them were based on Triumph Herald or Vitesse chassis although I think there were some later ones on a bespoke frame that took Ford running gear


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3 hours ago, anonymous user said:

Looks like a Spartan kit car, most of them were based on Triumph Herald or Vitesse chassis although I think there were some later ones on a bespoke frame that took Ford running gear

That would make sense for my friend at work, he said it was Herald based. 

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Have a slightly rubbish update!! 

First up a P4 I found by some garages near where I live.., 


Next up I popped to Wetherspoons for a pint and a curry. Outside the Chinese next door was this! 


Also lurking up the road from me was this... 


Today I went for a 13 mile walk/hike and en route I saw

Mile 1: stopped for snacks the the petrol station. Saw a Volvo! 


Mile 3: A Beetle... nuff said. 


Mile 6. Walked up a big fucking hill! Was knackered. Saw a slightly festering Robin. 


Mile 9 saw some TVRs. This one probably the best. 


Aaaaaand finally. 

A photo I can be proud of. Saw some broken down chod on the side of the road so took a photo from the moving van... this is what came out


So in the words of friend to many children Rolf Harris... can you tell what it is yet? 

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That commer camper brings back memories. Sometime in the early 90s I bought a similar state but just running one. Asked dad to help pick it and drive it home on his insurance, he was not impressed. When I finally got it running well ish and mot'd I realised my error after driving it a bit, sold it and bought a rucksack and tent, a far faster way of going on holiday! 

Still would have another though. 

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Yes it’s the cheats way of car spotting... go to a show!!! Here’s my pick of the Prestatyn car show 2019!! 


Very original looking Chevette, nicely patinated! 


Triumph 2000, also nice but not over done condition. I really rather like 2000s at the moment, this one being for sale didn’t help... 


Sticking with girly coloured Triumphs.... 


OK... another Triumph... there was a brown Doloshite there too... but that one had loads of people round it! 


Escorts... not usually my thing. Especially mk1s but that’s because they’re usually sports models. Not this one though!! 


Bonus wind deflectors! 


This Simca 1302 has had one owner from new! Absolutely stunning!! 


And of course... 2CVs!!! 


This show gets better and better each year! 

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1 hour ago, eifion said:

Great pictures. It did cross my mind to go to this, I wish I had now.

It’s always a good show to be fair. It’s one of the only ones I will always do every year, but that’s because it’s my closest show! It keeps getting bigger too! 

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Evening Spot fans... 

No not spot the dog, fans of him will be satisfied elsewhere I am sure. 

First up Trabi in Blackpool! 3C477035-53B9-421B-9619-AA071E3CB081.jpeg

Galant in Leamington Spa


Pug 309 in Prestatyn... 


Wasn’t sure whether to put my Cov Motorfest pics in the Citroen thread, but I thought I’d bung them here instead as they ain’t Citroens! 

By far my favourite Motorfest spot 


What would suit a Maestro to make it that bit more classy... I know a gold grille! 


The Salt n Pepa cassette on the dash was winning though! 

Coleman’s special Sherpa coupe! 


Sports Cav


Found this in the dead centre of town... 75FB2EFA-487B-4EE8-9CAD-36304EF05A1A.jpeg

That joke should’ve been re-hearsed!

This van was my second favourite spot of the day! C825B5E3-AD50-49CE-BD3A-E73324173BC8.jpeg

Why give vans four wheels? 


The gay classic car club had a Princess on their display... and this Austin... 


Alfalfa 155


Lolz if this had been a Vauxhall with that plate! 39F421D8-05D2-40A6-8135-79714DA77A75.jpeg

Abd a beautiful DS Safari, which is a Citroen, but bollocks to it I don’t care! 


Will work on some more local wold spots for next time... until then... adieu! 

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21 hours ago, richardmorris said:

I thought that the GCC club site in Coventry looked like a scene from carry on camping. Orange floral recliners and all. 

I really liked the recliners! They even invited me in for a look at the very 70s caravan! 

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2months since a spottings update!! 

Well it’s been busy 2 months so have a few more terrible photos of mildly interesting cars in their natural habitats: 

Starting with this 309 seen on my commute. 309s are really starting to appeal to me....


Interestingly on the same day I saw these three in a row on a run together. 


But they’re a bit too shiny and mainstream (ok they’re all lovely really) But we didn’t come here for mainstream! No we want things like Mazda 929 estates!!! 


Or J reg Volvos! 075D54FB-389F-4401-A411-74463B760AC7.jpeg

This body-kitted XJS turned up at a garage I was using recently... it really gave me the horn. So I got out of the way, 



I visited the two people who got jiggy  with it 9 months before my birth... we went for a walk and I saw this!!! 


Genuine Ralleyeyeye

Visited the car based beer house Caffeine and Machine. (One day we should do a shite meet here just to piss off the shiny car pplz) 


Yeah shiny is nice but I preferred the 300ZX convertible driven by a young lady. 


Now we know I may have a soft spot for Saab 9000s... I cannot confirm whether I spaffed my pants at this one: 


Rare bike spot next. I loved the sidecar. My mum and dad used one just like this as their wedding transport. 


Have a superbly shonky Dyane:


And a bus... 


Once upon a time in Maccies car park Brenda and her husband Bill returned to their shitbox modern hatchback totally unaware there was a very cool German executive saloon stalking their every move. 


Hide and seek. E-Type edition. 


I’m going for a 0-60 run... get your calendars out! 


Aaaaaaand finally for this instalment:

I did a trip to Dublin. There was actually a fair bit of chod. But I only papped this one... and that’s only because the good lady spotted it and sent me over!


All of the beige!!! 

Thats all folks! 


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