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Dave's shonkers - chaly up next?


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Minor update today, an air filter.

With the bigger carb space to fit one in was non-existent.


First I tried overcomplicating things, I 3d printed a holder for some paper filter element and glued it to the rubber off a foam sock filter.




Sadly this still didn't fit. So I did what I should have done in the first place and cut down a slice of the foam and hot glued it to the rubber.





It's probably not the most free flowing but I don't want to be running it without a filter as I do think some of the biggest scores on the old top end were from grit/stones going through. Other options are to buy about the same thing from SIP for about 30 quid or a different inlet manifold (Polini, $$) that puts the carb over to the left more to give a bit more space. Will run as is for now and see how it goes.

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On 6/19/2022 at 4:43 PM, Dave_Q said:

@Fabergé Greggs




Production values are not going to have any of our resident youtubers worrying about their ad income any time soon.
The camera ended up pointing kinda down throughout, I do look at the road when riding, honest.
The engine noise and wind combo sound like someone blasting gabba into a biffa bin through a blown speaker at some points, but there, VIDEO ENOUGH FOR YA?


Amazing! That looks like exactly the right combo of yellow / noisy / that particular type of fast feeling that you get with 125cc’s and lots of gearchanges. FUN

On 6/19/2022 at 4:43 PM, Dave_Q said:

@Fabergé Greggs

Fun fact: the ANC sign at the start of the second vid points to the entrance of the Ashdene Naturist Club.

I don’t fancy their chances at being able to hide their approval of the sound and smell of a 2 stroke. 

On 6/19/2022 at 5:15 PM, Matty said:

I hated that Servetta I built for my dad. Loved how it looked hated riding a scooter (coming from bikes that actually handled). Now you've posted them videos I just caught myself saying "you know dad, I'd have another. Probably a vespa this time though." Damn you Dave, damn you 😁

I’ve had a bit of a fleet shuffle recently which means I’m gonna sell my “I would never sell this”  LML actually. 

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1 hour ago, Fabergé Greggs said:

I’ve had a bit of a fleet shuffle recently which means I’m gonna sell my “I would never sell this”  LML actually

I couldn't do it if I wanted to. 4 cars and a bike I've no more room. Thanks though you big tease 😆

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Check this out, riding to work and shit like an actual mode of transport.


Did have to remove the air filter for it to run though, it wasn't happy with it on.
There is still a level of further dicking about with jetting required so I will have to have a think about whether I do that with the filter on or not, I guess the main jet will need to go down a bit with the filter on, hoping that doesn't mean I'll lose power?

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  • Dave_Q changed the title to Dave's shonkers - chaly up next?

Some time back I chucked this 125 engine in the Chaly and got it running briefly.

With it being a sort of step thru design, with the standard 70cc powerhouse the tiny carb fits inside the frame. With bigger engines people tend to hang them out the top like this:


I'm not keen on that as a look and I couldn't find a way to fit the 24mm carb I have in there so I ended up thinking about another way.

£9 later I'm the proud owner of a throttle body off an injected Honda SH125.IMG_20220622_131152.thumb.jpg.c1fdb2ed69239a4a67486b746bbad709.jpg


The little manifold fits straight on, albeit at a jaunty angle:


The throttle body fits in the frame pretty nicely




Obviously there is a bit more to it than that but hopefully not too much. I have the fuel pump and injector off the SH and I plan to run it all off a Speeduino DIY ECU.

Deffo gonna be a slow burner project but should work alright, the hole in the TB is about the same size as the carb I had. Plus it'll probably be the only fuel injected one in the world?

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