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Sunny side up - more tropical spots

Luxxo Waftybarger

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On a recent work trip to the Carribean I had the chance to take a few days in a neighbouring island. The shiteometer hit 11.


This place was a Datsun/Nissan lovers wet dream. Almost every vehicle was over 15 years old and from only that esteemed brand, often rotting gently under a banana tree. It was like a departure lounge for Yokohama's discards.


This particular beauty was held together with string and had what looked like an upturned bucket for a front seat.


I'm new to posting pics so more to follow if this post works.



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Sadly no cherries only sunnies. Risking the irk of an angry local waiting to run me over I took a few pics of the worst hire car I've ever had (worse than fiat 500 which is saying something).


Sorry these pics are all mine. Island was Tobago, got a break from work on Trinidad.


See the wonder that is a Nissan Tiida. Wouldn't recommend. When the hire car woman told me what it was called I thought she was offering me a bad of rice. No abs, esp, traction control etc and drum brakes during the wet season is fun. 4 speed auto that was always one gear too low made flooring it out of corners do sideways wiggling things (which I NEVER do at home). Though it did have electric folding mirrors? I think a few were sold in the UK after they failed to sell in Ireland.


Also see a few more choice vehicles including what looks like a corsa with a Chevy badge? Sadly time was very limited and I didn't have much time to stop.Stretched Hummer lived next door.








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I seem to have developed a small obsession with tropical islands formerly part of the British empire. Most recent visit was Bequia, famous for an active whaling fleet and not much else. The 90s Jap shite senses were tingling, small remote - check, drive on the left - check, hot enough for shite to survive rust but develop chronic lacquer peel - check.


Sadly things did not turn out as exciting as hoped. Of the 6000 residents almost every single one seems to drive a Suzuki Vitara. The others have boring moderns.


I have a theory about small islands. A certain car becomes popular and then develops critical mass so that it’s the only thing you can get spares for which means everyone has to buy them.


Despite that there were some Jap export gems. There are no roads which permit you to go fast enough to hit the rev limiter in second gear so it really doesn’t matter what you drive.


No idea if this is of any interest but since there is some shite you would probably not see anywhere else I thought I’d chuck some pics up.


Spots included


Many Escudos (rebadged Vitara)

Local taxis which are basically cattle pick trucks. Parallel bench seats and no belts obvs. You have to just hang on like a trip to the abattoir.

Rotten old saloons

Roller painted Nissan saloons

JRG for winners

Dollar buses with 90s era airbrush

Bashed in MX6 which definitely still drove

Sunny estate

A totally fucked Twingo in a bush down an abandoned estate road

Random van which I loved

4 door original RAV4 which I don’t remember seeing in the UK.

A very old Land Rover probs from days of the empire



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Again I find myself in a tiny semi tropical island once part of her Maj's empire. There is some papping to be done because in keeping with earlier posts they drive on the left, it's hot and small but sadly this being one of the most oxidising environments on earth means that shite has mostly dissolved before it's ten years old.

Added to this all the interesting old stuff is in a part of town where 21 rounds were recently discharged into a crowd in a gang related shooting.

Amusingly resprays are part of the MOT equivalent so there are some great rattle can jobs, e.g. matt black Mégane convertible on 19 inch diamond cut alloys spotted but sadly no pics.

For now have this pic of the local scrapper. There's just something about exotic vegetation growing from old cars that I like.



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I've been here for 18 months now and the shiteometer is sadly still reading low. Almost everything is Korean and less than 10 years old, I'd say one in five cars is a picanto.

I think the PRC esque one car per household rule means keeping rotting chod on the driveway is a non starter. There is no real equivalent of SORN, add to that the insane cost and delays of importing any parts means why would you use up your valuable quota.

Clues to location, this is the world's centre of reinsurance and the world's most expensive place to live.

Still, on my lunch break today I fancied updating this thread so have at it.

A Yaris saloon, Honda Crossroad thingy inexplicably popular, fleet of rental twizzy, Daihatsu weirdness, random rental car (golf cart) and proof that all Vauxhalls are shit everywhere.

I've seen some epic lacquer peeled Mitsubishi estates around I'll keep my eye out.








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The adventures continue. Not content with living on a tiny hot island in the middle of the Atlantic I've decided to move to an even tinier, hotter island in the middle of the Atlantic. Still, following the theme of my strange existence, it's another of our dear King's territories.

No one car per household rule here means leaving your chod to become part of the scenery is a national past time.

I am currently driving a Ssangyong (R)odious, probably the worst and most ugly car of the last 20 years. Every panel has a rusty ding, some look like bullet holes. I cannot bear to photograph it.







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