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Rusty Triumphs in Scotland - Pistons out - 07/09/19

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Looks brill, that's just a MOT station's bit of welding patch. Even my Rover 75 has one of those right there.  And that's not 35 years young either.


I'd forgotten about the short nobbly wiper stalk on these


i was going to donate my spare HBOL AND brochure to your cause.  But you are already sorted there.


#35 and #42 please

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if quite small!,


They main reason mine was disposed of so quickly.


Why on earth didn't they base the Ballade Sedan on the Wagon wheelbase?  It's the (shorter) hatchback Civic wheelbase on these.

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Top stuff, looks cracking. You going to leave the awards on the parcel shelf for extra giffer points?


Lets have a shot of that coin holder to the right of the wheel?

Of course, nothing says "great car" like a participation rosette. My Dolly has a few on it's parcel shelf as well...



(The rubber bung transpired to be a cap for the bumper bolts).


Nice one! These are fun things to drive about in, if quite small!, Please remove and set fire to those tinted rear lights though!


It actually feels smaller inside than the Doloshite somehow. I'm not sure if it'd be possible to change gear without accidentally fisting the front seat passenger with your elbow either.



fitting a condensor on the coil should cure radio crackle if it changes with engine revs  :-D


I think it's more down to the fact it's shit. It's hard to tell what's radio crackle and what's my solitary speaker dying...


I actually do some work on it today, extracted the snapped off downpipe flange from the manifold so hopefully can have it fixed or a new one made up... While fucking about down there I did note that the inner front valance thing has largely ceased to exist and what's left is as rigid as tinfoil. Meh, it'll be reet.




It certainly fits in with my other cars...

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Feck me, you don't see many of thems these days.


A guvnor of mine had one new, he gave me a lift one day, he wasn't a petrol head or in possession of any mechanical nouse. We're down the motorway at full chat and he mutters something about getting the Acclaim in for a service. Conversationally I ask a petrol head question about what the service intervals are on these new Acclaims. He responded that he didn't know, it was its first service.............it had done 60,000 miles, yep, 60,000 and the bonnet had never been opened. I clenched up on the anticipation it was about go bang in the next five minutes and insisted that should we make our destination, I would check the oil and coolant for him as an interim measure.


That was my intro to the then generation of Rhonda's engineering. His was 83 on the Y as we use do say, Oporto Red Metalic iirc.

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Well purchaseded.

I still have visions of an identical blue, Y plate Acclaim which twice tried to kill Pete - resident welder and general metal bodger at a garage where I used to be a weekend grease monkey in the earlyish 1990’s. The car would only have been around twelve years old at the time.

The first time was when Pete had dropped the tank in order to do some welding. I’ll never forget the look of sheer panic on his face as a welding spark dropped into the filler neck (as the tank sat close by on the ground), ignited the vapours in the neck, and led to Pete doing everything he could to put out the flames before the tank went up properly. I reckon he nigh on shit himself.

The second time was what the Acclaim did overnight. Pete foolishly left the car in the air overnight, held up on axle stand propped under the chassis rails. Next morning, when we entered the workshop, the Acclaim was on the deck. Pete assumed I’d dropped the car to wind him up. When we established the rails had collapsed and the tops of axle stands were inside the footwell, he realised that it had been a potentially lethal choice to work under the car with the stands under the rails. Luckily it hadn’t collapsed when he’d been working on it.


Fortunately, your Acclaim looks tidier and more loved than the blue Acclaim of my tales from years ago. Just be careful if you’re working underneath it ;)

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Home from work, armed with daylight and my camera. Let the photo show commence:


First an overview:


attachicon.gifDSC_2670 (Copy).JPG

attachicon.gifDSC_2671 (Copy).JPG

attachicon.gifDSC_2672 (Copy).JPG

attachicon.gifDSC_2685 (Copy).JPG


Actually looks half decent! It's had a really half arsed blow over, the exhaust is at speed bump attacking height and the front fogs and reverse lights don't work. Fuck it, £850 car yo.


attachicon.gifDSC_2674 (Copy).JPG

attachicon.gifDSC_2673 (Copy).JPG


100% British m8. No.1 BREXIT-mobile.


attachicon.gifDSC_2677 (Copy).JPG

attachicon.gifDSC_2678 (Copy).JPG


The interior is actually plush as fuck, has a clock and everyfink. Original pushbutton radio to listen to loads of interference and not much music on.


attachicon.gifDSC_2679 (Copy).JPG


The engine is there and does engine things. Sounds pretty normal but you've got to remember this is a Triumph.


attachicon.gifDSC_2675 (Copy).JPG

attachicon.gifDSC_2676 (Copy).JPG


Original dealer sticker and metal plates? Damn fucking straight, son.


attachicon.gifDSC_2683 (Copy).JPG

attachicon.gifDSC_2684 (Copy).JPG


Quality* metalwork repairs show this car was clearly loved during it's 30+ years in Aberdeenshire.


attachicon.gifDSC_2682 (Copy).JPG


A word of warning, Acclaim petrol locks turn the opposite way to Dolomite ones. Not knowing this on a rainy night in Dunfermline could see you snap your only door key in the fucking thing and require you to butcher it to retrieve the bits...


attachicon.gifDSC_2687 (Copy).JPG


The cause of my LOUD. No idea what's going on here, looks like the pipe has fallen out of the manifold (after being held in with GunGum), how does this work?


attachicon.gifDSC_2686 (Copy).JPG


Boot contains goodies inc un-smoked lights.


attachicon.gifDSC_2688 (Copy).JPG


Max flapage.


attachicon.gifDSC_2690 (Copy).JPG


Modern shit.


attachicon.gifDSC_2689 (Copy).JPG


Anybody got a pair of these?


attachicon.gifDSC_2691 (Copy).JPG


Documentation and random glovebox stuff.


Overall 7.8/10. Am very pleased with car, would buy again.

great choice , I had one snapped the timing belt , no damage done , good old honda



Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk

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They main reason mine was disposed of so quickly.


Why on earth didn't they base the Ballade Sedan on the Wagon wheelbase?  It's the (shorter) hatchback Civic wheelbase on these.



Now you come to mention this, I checked out the statistics and the Acclaim wheelbase is all of 2.5 inches more than a Metro!

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I'm going to ask a question I've asked before, why are Acclaim's always a little bit down at heel? I'm sure there are a few minters left, but most seem a little unloved.


So glad to see this one already getting TLC.

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Acclaims are cheap and popular with giffers who tend to be a bit past the point of regular car fixage. So they either tend to be minters with low miles or fucked with 120k on the clock with little inbetween.


Went under the car today for a poke about, couldn't make holes in any structural bits and the car was even held up on stands on the factory jacking points! The exhaust features many old repairs and sits terribly. The downpipe isn't rusted through, I reckon it's snapped due to the front mount being missing entirely and the centre mount being... This:




I also blacked the bumper corners up with linseed oil, because priorities:





Two new door keys arrived in the post as well so I can now actually lock the car, such luxury!


It then snowed so I fucked back off inside and taxed it.

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Couldn't resist, went for a spin to the post office to post off the V5C...



Starter motor is a bit sluggish. Might be that the battery isn't getting charged properly (the belt squeals), the alternator/starter is tired or something is draining the battery overnight. The last owner did say it'd had two new batteries very recently and he'd assumed the first was faulty and got it replaced under warranty. I also think the tyres are over inflated.


It is a sexy beast though...



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I've got one of those (well it actually belongs to the Mrs,

it used to be her every day car) post-19511-0-15219900-1521315073_thumb.jpg


Nice cars, should be 1000% more reliable than a Dolomite. Other than all the obvious, check for play in the wiper spindles. Mine is worn here and haven't got round to fixing it as it isn't used.


I also banger raced one years ago. I rolled it due to the rear suspension mounts being rotten and the car developing rear wheel steering


Mine* is an HL (badge snobbery)


Usual story. One lady owner from new. Car got locked away for a decade then unearthed when she died. We bought it about 6 years ago off the second owner

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I've got one of those (well it actually belongs to the Mrs, it used to be her every day car) attachicon.gifIMG_20170517_140138.jpg


Looks lovely in the red.  Is that the Opporto as mentioned earlier on in the thread?


The Interweb has a slightly* better photo of its beauty



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Yep that's not long after we bought it. Just after I refurbished the wheels but before I did the paintwork on it. Despite how it looks in the photo, I have welded the sills, floorpan and front valance. Also repaired the rear quarter after a Defender hit it. It had two new front wings before we bought it.


The colour is Ember Glow


Really must get it out and polish it, there really is nothing wrong with it other than the floppy wipers, its just a bit dusty.

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I bloody love these.


ELR90Y was my first car, an Acclaim HL in Champagne. One owner before us - our neighbour who bought it when he retired from working as a carpenter for Harrods. It had about 27k miles on it when his widow gave it to my mum as a Christmas present in '93 - she had just passed her driving test.


Five years later it was mine. It still had all the dealer Mann Egerton stickers - but, like the 17-year old twat I was, I removed them in favour of Max Power stickers. Also painted the front valance black and fitted projector fogs, as well as a Dixons "Wharfedale (!!!)" CD player, two Wharfedale Valdus front speakers and a pair of Argos Goodmans boxes on the rear shelf.


I know it's natural to love your first car, but the Acclaim was verified as being bloody awesome by everybody I knew who drove it, some of whom had 306s, Astras and a Focus. Third gear, across country, it was really, really nippy. Incredibly reliable, too, and mine only every contracted rust from stone chips.


Alas, it was 'just an old car' in '99 when I sold it in favour of my first 800. Rather keen to have a go in one again, for old time's sake.

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      Sticky slider syndrome ^

      Fully padded up ^
      I took a look around under there, it's nearly all shot. Most ball joints are exposed to the elements so all need replacing but not before a decent jet wash.


      There's little play in the joints so all that goes on the list of parts and graft! Wheels on, I loosened and torqued all the wheel nuts around the car and done the Tyre pressures, we were running soft all round.
      Next was the front lights. A screw mod can be done but I took the back off the units and they were, well toast. Nothing much holding the inner lenses still at all. There was only one thing for it...

      I had readied myself for this. I got hold of a replacement lamp mounting kit with all parts made from nylon. This involved dissecting the lamp which was tough! The mounts that came out, or what was left of them were weaker than Jacobs crackers and just crumbled. To get the bumper off, the plastic under tray bolts were all seized so I had to grind them off. More knackered parts were seen. The auto box cooler has shed most of it's cooling fins, the radiator is sweating and the power steering is hemorrhaging fluid on full lock. There's also a coolant leak at the thermostat housing and there's a high pitch whine at 1000 RPM which turns out to be the alternator. More for the list.
      Still, back to the lights. I need to be able to see tonight so I took a level off the tourings lights and marked on to a wheely bin, these are pretty spot on. Then I can use the bin for the Jaags lights and I won't be far off 

      Going back together nicely it was a good time to run some tcut over the faded lenses. They need a more intense compound and a machine but will do for now.

      Looks smart yo!
      Then it got dark...

      I then drove 120 miles in it and drove it like it was stolen. It had it, all of it! Slight brake judder at 90 and I couldn't get the alignment done as I had no time (see above pics)
      So now we have to price up priorities like the knackered joints on the rear and a full service, two Goodyears and investigate the power steering leak which, I'll hazard a guess at the rack seals are fubard. 
      So in summary, I got a bargain barge that has it's fair share of issues, the interior quality is a bit shocking in places but when the hammer is down, none of this matters! It fits in, it can be a proper giffer cruiser with radio two on at 30mph but it'll turn into a bruiser with some oldskool hardcore at a tonne. It's come to a good home.
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      I thought I'd start a thread for this as I'll probably end up asking all sorts of questions, given that this is my first 'proper' Citroën.
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