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Six Cylinders Motoring Notes


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1 minute ago, richardmorris said:

Oil or diesel?

thats the JCB your thinking of LOL


obviously im going to recommend @Mrs6C Model 70, its technically got an infinite amount of gears, and will happily return 45-50Mpg on a run, so it ticks all* of the criteria boxes, it even has a custom made vinyl(?) trimmed wooden box to help you slide in and out of it for easy entry and egress :)  (there just a small* matter of it needing a clutch and functioning brakes...)


although on a More serious note, I think id pick the Triumph Vitesse, correct me if I am wrong, but I understand its been off the road for a little bit due to gearbox woes and its been a while since its been out and about right?

so a nice long trip to shitefest and back might be just the ticket for blowing off the cobwebs so to speak for it :) 


otherwise I think id have to pick the Citroen DS, because well its a Citroen DS, do I need to say much more than that?

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A bit of a different car day for me today, a visit to Milton Keynes BMW dealer. Mrs6C’s 23 year old BMW E46 has an airbag recall and I got to sit in the showroom and drink coffee for 3 hours while they fitted/checked them. They found time to check the car and recommended £860 worth of work like £48 for a pair of new wipers.

I was a little surprised Mrs6C let me go to that sweet shop, I could have come back with anything and you know how I am with random purchases! Thing is the new BMW products just don’t attract me much. Then there was the monster in the front window, do modern car buyer really think this grotesque BMW XM is a stunning looking car worth spending £162,000 on? 

IMG_20230606_094055 broad.jpg

IMG_20230606_103708 broad.jpg

IMG_20230606_104334 broad.jpg

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11 minutes ago, Crackers said:

I hope the collection goes to a good home(s). I understand Adrian Shooter was one of the "good guys". 

He was passionate about many aspects of the railway industry, as well as many other matters of transport, history and geography. Many heritage railways and other organisations owe him a huge debt of gratitude.

The crew that looked after 19B is leading an initiative to set up the 'Darjeeling Tank Locomotive Trust' to buy the locomotive, base it at the Statfold Barn railway in the Midlands and continue Adrian's practice of maintaining it and taking it on tour, for the enjoyment and education of the wider public. More details of this can be found here and any support for it would be welcomed:

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10 hours ago, Six-cylinder said:

many waffle

so you discount the 4 speed cars but i have a letter and a number for you


if you do not bring the 308 cos youre wuss or you wouldnt be let

HAS to be a french car surely

bx or visa - activa for lols when you get to wales


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10 minutes ago, mat_the_cat said:

You have to consider which cars will be best suited to a long and sometimes hilly road trip.

So Ami or Visa 17RD...

But I have sold last years car that turned out to be perfect for the trip!

I have been touring in Europe with the Visa 17RD and did shitefest 2017 with it. I collect it tomorrow from a cambelt service and fresh MOT and will consider it.

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One more bit of exciting car news for this evening is @ianbmwcame round tonight and after soaking the bores/piston in the Carlton 2.0i Estate for a few days and now taping them with a lump of wood the bottom end rotates freely. Some marks on the bores from where water has been in there but they are not deep.

I took the head home and have striped it. No.3 exhaust valve was sticking, it had a slight rust colour but has freed up just fine. The best I can tell from my steel rule the head is still flat.


IMG_20230606_190045 broad.jpg

IMG_20230606_214834 broad.jpg

IMG_20230606_214839 broad.jpg

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4 minutes ago, AnthonyG said:

If the Metro can’t come to Shitefest because it has only a 4 speed box, but the Toledo is still on the list of potentials - does that mean you’ve fitted a new gear box to the Toledo we don’t know about? 🤔


OK you are right, strike the Toledo off the short list.

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For a comfortable drive I vote one of the more modern Citroens so BX, XM or Xantia. 

If @maxxo is coming you may find him unavoidably attached to the XM by the end of the weekend, unless his ownership of one last year cured him of that particular addiction.

Somebody needs to bring a C6 to a SF sometime soon….just not me!

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Visa would do it.  Never actually driven a 17RD but the same engine in a 205 makes for an eminently capable machine.

Don't blame you for discounting the Toledo - listening to an OHV 4-pot rev its tits off for 5 hours is very tiring.  Ami probably more relaxed, in the same way that my Visa sounds more relaxed at 60 than the Renault 4, even though it's probably revving (even) higher.

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Meh, you'd waste* that on other stuff I'm sure anyway 🤷

Isn't that the minimum bill for anything your vehicle_who_must_not_be_named needs anyway? 

I vote xantia or bx. If you go the scenic route you'd give the suspension a lovely excercise keeping the speed up down those roads. Could probably park it over the lhm patch* @Sunny Jimleft last year and pretend it's not your lhm patch. 

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