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Six Cylinders Motoring Notes


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32 minutes ago, Floatylight said:

Thought that was you, came northbound past ypu about an hour ago, hope you get back fairly easily

Not looking good. 2 hours waiting and nobody has accepted the recovery yet, so they're searching further afield.  Still don't even know how long I have to wait.

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4 minutes ago, Dick Longbridge said:

Gutted for you. Is that the first major FTP in all the years you've owned the Stellar? 

Not quite. There was one just after getting it back on the road, but this is a biggie in terms of cost. The only slight positive is that it has unsiezed now it has cooled down, and I've managed to drive a short distance up a "Police Vehicles Only" ramp to get off the hard shoulder.

Time for a barbecue seeing as I haven't eaten for 10 hours!


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Saturday was a FANTASTIC day!

The weather was perfect and a great turn out of willing helpers saw the Saab 95 project, Peugeot 404 advance. Children's camp was built, tea was drunk, car fixing was done and a campfire finished the evening.

I am going to get the camping field sprayed against LDV for next time!

I am looking forward to today Sunday and I will be at FoD from 10am.

IMG_20230527_130052 broad.jpg

IMG_20230527_142336 broad.jpg

IMG_20230527_153850 broad.jpg

IMG_20230527_161034 broad.jpg

IMG_20230527_162521 broad.jpg

IMG_20230527_162759 broad.jpg

IMG_20230527_174719 broad.jpg

IMG_20230527_175212 broad.jpg

IMG_20230527_175311 broad.jpg

IMG_20230527_175458 broad.jpg

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  • Six-cylinder changed the title to Six Cylinders Motoring Notes - FoD open today Sunday and tomorrow Monday, please come and join us.
19 minutes ago, catsinthewelder said:

Thanks for another fantastic weekend!

Was great to see friends old and new.



Made it back as far as Worcestershire, just waiting for my mate and his van to turn up now.


Not a good weekend for transmissions!




Anything more than 50 miles it gets lubed every day

Had fucked links but never that touch wood

You could easily fix that with a link and a hammer but would hgb in Wycombe be open tomorrow or nog in oxford

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