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Six Cylinders Motoring Notes - WANTED Driver's seatbelt for our Citroen XM

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13 minutes ago, HMC said:

I can see the rear subframe mounts in that pic. Have you ever prodded them? Unpleasant memories here of not finding much metal above.

I have never checked myself but June this year it was  MOTed at a Merc specialist who did some welding in the drivers footwell. It has also been to my favourite garage for brakes all round Sep this year  and if they had spotted something I am sure they would have reported it.

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The other job for today was a fitting the JCB tyre.

@Talbotmessaged me this morning to say he was willing to give fitting the tyre he nursed down from the north a go this afternoon. A quick rearrangement of the day and we were at it, yes all right Talbot did the hard work but I gathered the stuff together and held the camera!

It all went well except one problem Talbot could not see where he was going due to the failure of out contracted digger window cleaner @beko1987!

IMG_20201126_145555 broad.jpg

IMG_20201126_150517 broad.jpg

IMG_20201126_151323 broad.jpg

IMG_20201126_154418 broad.jpg

IMG_20201126_160119 broad.jpg

IMG_20201126_160832 broad.jpg

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1 hour ago, richardmorris said:

How did you break the bead and get the new one on?

Tubed tyre.  The tyre was almost a lose fit on the rim and the rim has a reasonable amount of rust on it, meaning it wasn't so much "break the bead" as "push the tyre off".  The worst aspect of the job was the fact that both the old and the replacement tyre are fairly elderly, meaning the rubber is quite hard and hence fights you all the way.

Also not having any brakes on the front axle made levering a little "interesting"  I would have taken the wheel off, but I think that would have taken longer than just doing it in situ... the studs and nuts look fused with rust.

I did exactly the same on my 9X16 FC land-rover tyres a good few years ago, so I knew it was possible.

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