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Six Cylinders Motoring Notes - This weekend.


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Tomorrow Sunday I will be out again, this time at a Milton Keynes Classic Car Club gathering at "The Giffard Park Pub" Milton Keynes from around 9:30am until around midday. Coffee and/or breakfast is available in the pub. The plan is to use the Alfa 156 V6 Sportswagon.

Confused my MK Modern Classics and Milton Keynes Classic Car Club, they are two clubs in Milton Keynes broadly similar and both good. They are run by different people and there is no animosity between the two clubs, in fact one of the leaders of tomorrow's group was there today. There is an overlap of people who support both but also fresh cars. I do wish there monthly breakfast meets were spaced out in the month instead of involving two breakfasts in one weekend!

Anybody who wants to take a look or say hi is welcome 5 mins or 3 hours visit, there are no set times. There is plenty of parking for moderns if you are not able to bring a classic or future classic.

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