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Six Cylinders Motoring Notes - FoD 14 Aug with added paddling pool, starts 10am Sunday!


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Home now and through the shower, although I'll look like I've fingered smurfette for a few days 😂






All came up very nicely, interior still needs a good clean but I was bouncing the car whilst engine fettling was occurring which wasn't ideal! Maybe next weekend

Is it running yet? 

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  • Six-cylinder changed the title to Six Cylinders Motoring Notes - FoD 14 Aug with added paddling pool, starts 10am Sunday!
15 hours ago, beko1987 said:

Is it running yet? 

The short answer is yes we got it running.

But and it is a big BUT:

New battery and it turned over just fine on the key.

It spat out oil when we first turned it over, that turned out to be there was no oil filter. We then changed the oil and put on a new filter. I am told the oil did not look too bad for very old oil.

There was no spark and a new set of points and condenser were needed. Usual problem with modern replacement parts the wire was too short and had to be extended with the old one.

It then coughed and spluttered like it wanted to go. We new the problem was  30 year old petrol. We tried to drain the tank and got an electric pump that blew up, yes really blew up a component inside. Investigation of the tank showed the fuel level sender was seized and the bottom of the tank was a thick sludge.

We then went for start up using a can of fuel and it started ok. It ran, then we had a loud mechanical knocking and stopped it. My theory is we had a blocked oilway or even oil pump pick up strainer.

There was no clutch fluid and we added some, but now the pedal is solid and won't move.

The brake pedal also does nothing.

I needed to go home at one point and the easiest car to get out was @BL Bloke Peugeot 205GL so I borrowed that, thing is when I borrowed it the second time they was a feeling I liked it a bit too much!

So that is where the day finished. I am very grateful to @beko1987 who turned out at 7.30am to escape the heat and did a fantastic job transforming the appearance of the Saab. The rest of the crew @Slowsilver @AxWomble @bobdisk @BL Bloke@Zelandeth @Mrs6C and non AS members were also fantastic for getting it going.

Thanks to @Andyrew in spite of claiming he had to work during the heavy lifting, for providing the reserve car for the chip shop run car, a MX5 on a beautiful summers evening. It is a long time since I did the chip shop run myself but sunshine and an MX5 had me personally playing chauffeur in it.

Thank you all.

IMG_20220813_113450 broad.jpg

IMG_20220813_133347 broad.jpg

IMG_20220813_133536 broad.jpg

IMG_20220813_163936 broad.jpg

IMG_20220813_170455 broad.jpg

IMG_20220813_174746 broad.jpg

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