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Six Cylinders Motoring Notes - BL cars at Milton Keynes Museum Sunday


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4 hours ago, Zelandeth said:

Most of my photos from the day are on film so will be a little while before we see them. 


There were a heck of a lot of Metros there today!



This one of course being my favourite for obvious reasons...


Always a good event though.  A lot of single marque shows can be a bit samey I find, but given how diverse BL's portfolio was this is always interesting.

I'd honestly forgotten this even existed in convertible form.


An SD1 is always worth a photo too, and always looks great.


This one is definitely quite a rarity though.


Can't be many of those left.

I've had an accident.

2 hours ago, quicksilver said:

What an excellent day at a show that seems to get bigger and better every year. I photographed pretty much everything so I'll just share a few highlights.

Mmm, purple Wolseley wedge


Police pursuit* vehicle


Camp in style* with a beige Maestro


Allegro Equipe with Serck plates. Oooof!


MGA was the oldest and most exotic car there. Turbo diesel SD1 in hot* pursuit.


Oldest Marina in the world, registered two days after launch. Note right-way-round wipers.


Another Marina with right-way-round wipers. Weird one this as it was LHD and converted to RHD quite recently.


Have the words "beautiful brown Montego" ever been used in the same sentence before? That's how this prizewinner was described.


Postman Pat, Postman Pat and his Maestro van


Intrepid traveller came from the Netherlands. In a Metro.


Beige Ital, cor indeed!


Never seen a Vermilion ADO16 before but the colour suits it


This has allegedly done over a million miles on the original engine


Only known surviving Metro in this weird colour called 'Sombrero'


Definitely not BL, this enormous barge was lurking in the car park, on the grass as it's far too big to fit in a space


Also got to meet Sarah Crabtree from Bangers and Cash, who was doing the prizegiving. She seems a lovely lass and reet northern.

Oh, and again

1 hour ago, Skizzer said:

It was great to catch up with @Six-cylinder, @quicksilver, @Slowsilver and @Zelandeth - and there were some cracking cars.

I was also beyond excited to meet Harris Mann. I’m a big fan and he’s a lovely bloke, we had a really good chat. Absolute privilege.


Top posting, but tissues required...

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