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Six Cylinders Motoring Notes - BL cars at Milton Keynes Museum Sunday


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1 hour ago, Six-cylinder said:

No I am afraid. 

Actually... 😜 


Sadly that's as far as we've got. Looks like there is a fault with the injector pump, as there's diesel reaching it but not spurting out on cranking. Stop solenoid is OK, so Talbot has taken off the pump for further investigation.

Probably less than ideal conditions to be stripping it down outdoors in a field though!

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381 miles later I'm back home again after an uneventful drive back. Nice to be behind this set of instruments for a long drive again :-)


Thanks to @Six-cylinder and @Mrs6C for their hospitality, and the usual suspects for good company.

Illuminations were just about the only positive result with the CF:




A Saxo named Desire:


(Which rhymes with fire!)


NB, @hairnet isn't vomiting into his cup, at least as far as I know.

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I'm not experienced, and haven't had one in bits in a couple of decades, but I'll take a look at the pump if nobody else puts their hand up.  I managed to sort one for an old David Brown tractor back then and that's still going as far as I know.

The one thing which did spring to mind is if it's just a bit gummed up, that getting it spinning over faster might be enough to get it going - i.e. give it a sniff of easy start to get it up to actual running speed and see if it lights off.

Also...the fuel line was hooked up right wasn't it?  I remember when I last saw it (in like, September) right as we were running out of time, daylight and electricity we figured out we were trying to draw fuel from the return rather than feed line...was that ever corrected? 

Not sure how it's going to play out but if time permits I'll try to drop by again tomorrow.  It takes a lot of energy to get out the door but actually seeing friendly faces is really good for my mental health.

Also I have like five frames left on this film, should just have finished it today!

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The longest serving member of the fleet is the E-Type which I have owned 40 years this month. Strangely I have remained friends with the seller who I did not know, just answered an ad in Thames valley Trader all these years and he still has another E Type.

At the other end of the scale the Ami is the newest, just 6 weeks  ownership.

Oh and the BMW E3 11 years of ownership.

IMG_20220514_130216 broad.jpg

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