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Six Cylinders Motoring Notes - anybody around me or Northampton that can lend three 17 inch 5 stud BMW alloys to get it the a trailer?

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Had honestly forgotten until today what a lovely little thing a good AX is to drive.  @Six-cylinder's example for all it's a little cosmetically rough round the edges is a particularly sweet example too.

Reckon the Xantia would benefit greatly from the slight backwards crank to the tip of the gear lever, and I was surprised to find that the stalks in the AX feel vastly higher quality than the ones in the Xantia, which have always felt really low rent to me.

Wouldn't have guessed it was only an 1100 example either if you hadn't told me...She buzzes along quite merrily thank you very much.  Pretty quiet too to be honest.

The Metro isn't quiet.  I've followed it twice now, and I reckon it's louder from the outside than the inside...The exhaust is really throaty in a delightfully 60s-70s sort of way.  Don't really remember being aware of that when I drove it though - nor the gearbox whine which leads me to think that being the MG version it's been fitted with rather more sound insulation than my humble miniMetro HLE was.  You couldn't possibly ignore the musical nature of the 'box in that car (not that I ever wanted to...Lovely noise in my book).

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8 hours ago, Zelandeth said:

Just remembered this comment I made - and actually being at the desktop was able to dig out the one photo I have of the machine in question...


You will be pleased to know of the 4 vehicles in that photo, only the dumper survives! It has had an engine swap, and the brakes now consist of a lump of wood on a length of string which you drop between the wheels, the string is in case you miss and need to take a second go. Still working fine and still earning its keep!

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On 9/30/2019 at 12:55 PM, Zelandeth said:

Thanks so much to Six-Cylinder for letting me take the MGB there.  It's about 15 years since I last drove one and to be honest it's a lot better than I remembered.  I think the fact that I have actually had my license for more than a year now probably has something to do with it!

[] Comfy: Check (once you're in...there's no dignified solution to entry and egress in the GT).

[] Sounds good: Check.

[] Proper gearchange: Check.

[] Rides nice: Check.

[] Looks good: Check.  British Racing Green is the only colour on my wishlist other than Snapdragon Yellow.

[] Communicates in proper old car talk: Check.

Only hiccup during the trip was one missed second gear on the second junction while I was fumbling for the windscreen wiper switch, after that we got along just fine.  She's a car I'd very happily do a lot of miles in.  Only bad part of the day was having to give the keys back.

Definitely a car that's on the eventual shopping list again now.

If she ever winds up looking for a new home (which I reckon is extremely unlikely!) I'd definitely be interested in having a conversation.  Even though I have minus one spare slots currently...


These photos are pretty much straight off my phone save for a bit of cropping.  I took over two hundred...so suffice to say I'm keeping it to a handful of them.

















The best colour.  Maxis really are *strange* looking cars aren't they...effective though.  Really need to get a shot properly behind the wheel of on one day.  Been a passenger in the back of my Granddad's one decades ago but haven't ever driven one on the road.











These are such odd looking cars...



















That's probably enough with the photos I think!

Thanks for Six-Cylinder for letting me play a part in getting the MG there.  Surprised that it was the only one there (well...there was a second one but it vanished the moment the rain started...) as well.


I seem to recall those Marina LE's were available only as a 1.3 - why didn't they do a 1.8 so it at least gave it a chance to match its good looks - classic BL shooting itself in the foot

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I went to a car show this morning at Turweston airfield organised by the Silverstone Social group but it was rather wet, about 50 cars normally 300+.

I was going to take the BX but as it was clean decided on the AX, unfortunately there was some decent flooding in several places and I lost a wheel trim. I retraced my steps on the way home but could not see it.

Does anybody have an AX wheel trim of my design they can sell me?

IMG_20191013_111822 broad.jpg

IMG_20191013_115416 broad.jpg

IMG_20191013_121052 broad.jpg

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Yesterday afternoon a friend offered a couple of hours of his time, do I want get the Maserati running or go over the green Range Rover to make a list of parts needed. I choose Biturbo so he fitted a second fuel pipe that had been leaking and the car came into life without a puddle. I drove it 30 meters but it had no fuel left to go further. Next stage is all rubber petrol pipe to be replaced and MOT and it will go to my favourite garage for that. 

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The Bonser 1 Ton horticultural truck broke it petrol shut off valve, ¼ BSP male thread that is screwed into the bottom of the tank and has its 5/16 inch output at 90 degrees. I bought a valve but could only find one that went straight and I am hoping rerouting of the rubber pipe will overcome this. It is also short of a built in filter.


Anybody know of a closer replacement or even just the rubber seal that is causing the problem?

IMG_20191015_103006 broad.jpg

IMG_20191015_162456 broad.jpg

P1460619 fuel tap ringed broad.jpg

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My No.2 Visa 17RD has had a fresh MOT and needed a bit of work, Front discs and pads, CV joint cover, Rear fog light, Investigate non starting – no fault found

 It drives very nicely, but unfortunately in the 4 ½ years I have had it, it is starting to look scruffy, which is why through the trees from a distance is best. The n/s front wing was always damaged due to a tyre letting go when Gogentley had it.

 The sleeping Swans were not at all bothered by it beauty and carried on sleeping in spite of my diesel clatter and reversing quite close to them.

IMG_20191015_133522 broad.jpg

IMG_20191015_133806 broad.jpg

IMG_20191015_133732 broad.jpg

IMG_20191015_133626 broad.jpg

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Today Mrs6C came out with me as spotter, yes spotter we were looking for the lost AX wheel trim. The good new is we found it but the bad news was the plastic ring with metal band that pushes into the wheel is still lost.

This gave the VP1500 a chance for a run out and while it took quite a bit of cranking to start it from cold, it ran very nicely and restarted easily several times while running errands.

I hope I did not get caught by Quicksilver's stasi police this time!

P1340316 broad.jpg

P1340318 broad.jpg

P1340321 broad.jpg

IMG_20191019_174533 broad.jpg

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