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Wombles Wheels - Little Honda...


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So far clocked up 200 miles on the Burgman.


Jobs done:
Oil change ( managed to spill oil on the drive right by the rear wheel which made the next trip out interesting for the first couple of corners)

Seat hump removed and thrown into the sea - "plastic" sorted by inserting a bit of foam camping mat and then covering the hole with black Gorilla tape. Now much more comfortable to ride.

Managing a realistic 75MPG  - keeping an eye on the oil level as these engines are known for their love of a bit of a drink.

Umm, thats about it. The seat lock is slightly iffy so may well be removed at some point and fitted with a manual release and I'll be booking it in for an MOT in a couple of weeks and swap the tyres which are both a bit marginal tread wise, but also seem to find every damn undulation and tramline in the road surface - got my eye on some Continentals which seem reasonable. Might also fit an isolation switch to the heated grips as currently they are directly wired and can be switched on even when the ignition is off. Again not too much of an issue unless some toad switches them on when its parked up  and flattens the battery.

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Happy days, glad it has behaved.

I managed to leave the grips on once and flatten the battery, so some sort of switched live supply involving a relay or summat would be ideal but also more effort than another switch.

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FTP this morning - battery stone dead.

Totally no idea what has drained that, or perhaps its just gone OC. Was running fine last night and nothing left switched on.

New battery ordered from Varta - £25 delivered - Result.

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On 6/17/2021 at 7:00 PM, Dave_Q said:

Does it sound like it's turning over any faster? It sounded a bit slow to me but always started OK.

Seemed quite a bit more enthusiastic about starting with the new battery. - booked in for an MOT in a couple of weeks whilst Im off work and 2 new tyres that I need to source and supply fitting.



£80 (just under) for 2 Pirelli's seems fair - struggled to find anything cheaper other than Vee tyres which have a fairly shite reputation in the wet.

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Bumflan in for its MOT and new rubber.
Rear bearing borked upon inspection


Fitted an OBD2 dummy socket and relocated the socket behind a panel on the dash. Much easier to connect into now.


An hour of my head under the dashboard farting about but in the original location has a OE looking socket that has power but no data.


The OBD2 is now hiding behind a dash panel and is eleventy thousand times easier to access.


Then fitted a better 12v socket in the back and also a USB power point.
Annoyingly I also fitted a digital voltage display because I had one kicking about and then when I powered on I found the USB port had a voltmeter built in.


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1 hour ago, Dave_Q said:

Great news.

Just needed the tyres and the wheel bearing?

Yup, thats about it. All sorted for another 12 months - the new Pirellis  seem a lot less inclined to find every undulation in the road than the King Road tyres that have been binned off. To be fair the ones that were one would have passed an MOT, but they were nearing the end of their life anyway and the front was cracking on the sidewall, I could have boot polished it for the MOT but thats false economy.

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