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Wombles Wheels - Horrible Hyosung

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Some of you may have now twigged who I am. Its not a biggie, there was a reason for the sudden change in interweb persona and the need for my old one to appear whiter than white and not too sweary, or politically gobby.

Anyway if you have twigged it then you will know Im on the hunt for some new wheels (and have been since the dawn of time) - well the hunt is over and this Thursday I embark on some fairly major trekkage to collect this


I do like my Citroens and this one looks like its going to be fun.


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I think I know who you are? Was your other avatar furry as well?

More feathery really. I got another job offer at the time and they knew what my AS user name was because it was the same as my Flickr one, and they kept googling me - I didnt want them seeing lots of posts with me being all sweary and shit and getting the right idea about me. Anyway the  shed is being retired, the MIL has a new car and the lad has a Rrrrrrrovah to play with and soon Im going to have something with more power than a hair dryer. Im surprised at Billy not twigging though.

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