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Wombles Wheels - C3 Picasso its Boxy... But meh!

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A mini review:

The 1.4 C3 Picasso offers bags of room for four normal or even abnormal size adults or two fat bastards up front and three teenagers to travel in comparative comfort with their luggage.

The boot holds a post box with enough space for a couple of armadillos and two or three squirrels with all their nuts.

The boot also has a handy double floor so you can either remove the upper floor and increase the loads pace by three to four feral cats or stow a selection of motoring essentials needed for driving a Citroen such as jump leads, fluids, tow rope, spare belts, tyre pump, spare car and so on.

There are cubby holes and cup holders all over which is good, because the actual glove box is utter shit


Because PSA couldn't be arsed to move the fuse box frome its place in the LHD variants; us that drive on the correct side of the road get a glove box that a family of amoeba would find "snug" and is utterly fucking useless for anything other than keeping some lipstick in.

Power delivery is constant but can hardly be described as brisk. You will keep up with pizza delivery moped riders but expect to be over taken at the traffic light grand prix. Motorway speeds are achievable but you will be wanting to find a 6th gear to reduce that buzzy gearbox.


Overall though engine and road noise are pretty good and the standard radio can be heard without any trouble or distortion at normal road speeds.

Fuel consumption seems to be high though the on board compuermabob tells me differently


However the miles and fuel gauge tell me otherwise
Over half a tank (43 L put in this morning) to do 250 miles today.
The miles on the left are the total miles done since collecting from its "repair" once that counter hits 1000 I'll relax a little.
Only a little.

Visibility is excellent thanks to the dual A pillar design with a thin leading A pillar like what proper cars used to have.


Spot the caravan


Road handling is as you would expect for a boxy tall car. It leans. Then it leans some more into corners. And juuuuuuust when you think it might either let go or tip over. It doesn't. You will get buffeted by the wind but not so much that it becomes annoying.

Bags of storage.
Quite comfortable.
Citroen reliability *
Not fabulously fast
Not very economical.
Gr9 for dwarf funerals

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I'm can recall replacing quite a few coolant temp sensors on the later model Cits, so it might have been running rich due to the sensor misreading. 

Do take the wiper arms and scuttle trim off and remove the scuttle drain bungs as they will be full of shite that ultimately leads to water ingress into the cabin. 

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Most fuel computers are optimistic as far as I can see. My Doblo says it averages 50 mpg when it's only 42 - 44. The C5 said 50 when it did 47.

However, my wife's Mégane is pessimistic by 4%. When the light comes on it always says it's used 54 litres, but I can never get more than 52 in. 

Which means that it says it's doing 54mpg when it's doing 56.

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  • UltraWomble changed the title to Wombles Wheels - C3 Picasso its Boxy... But meh!
On 11/15/2020 at 11:23 AM, Tadhg Tiogar said:

It's probably showing the continuous setting rather than trip average. 

No it's definitely broken! Will show >200 MPG on instant, average will go up to 99 on a run. Odd thing is the correct info comes out via the OBD port so I guess the dash has gone mad

This was a while back, got a video somewhere of it displaying a live MPG reading of 82 - with the engine off




Anyway - as you were

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The battery in the@JrWomble Yaris was getting a little sluggish and had run down a couple of time when left for a week (thanks in part I suspect to his black box) so the 10mm socket was HUNTED DOWN like vermin and employed in swapping out the Varta for £35 of Korean fineness.


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