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'just bloody scrap it' - the eBay 'fuck me, what were they thinking' thread

messerschmitt owner

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On 1/25/2023 at 4:37 PM, Remspoor said:

Thought you would be interested. 😁

I have no idea. The website looks is a bit iffy. Only one image per advert. Little details of the advertiser.  Dates on some adverts are historic. I came across it by accident.

I pass a scrapyard near me a few times a week, and have done for a couple of years. Some of the vehicles I have noticed have been there all that time, with just a few bits visibly missing.

Not allowed to enter the yard though, but would like to see what's in the middle of the yard that I can't see from the road, simply to photograph them

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9 hours ago, mat777 said:

Spotted this yesterday on FB... not sure if he's bought, sold, sent for scrap or is just taking the piss... but thats definitely calapst m8 🤣



Was that a MK1 XR2? Good way to destroy a load of useful bits

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Looks like a MK2 Fiesta, going by the line of the front wings... probably what mine looked like before the previous owner wobbed it up and gave it a quick blowover, prior to selling it to me for £120...


It looks ok in this pic, but the subsequent MOT was not kind. Not kind at all...

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