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'just bloody scrap it' - the eBay 'fuck me, what were they thinking' thread

messerschmitt owner

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2 hours ago, CaptainBoom said:

Some plum is going to turn that into a novelty* coffee table...

I'm aware that people don't like that kind of thing (and frankly, neither do I), however, what is the Parishes view on turning something like this into a BBQ?
I've always fancied a "Fast and Furious" style one.

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Cheap Car [not cheap enough]

"1.2 petrol

speed manual 

Around 140k

Short mot about a couple of weeks

No tax no insurance drive away at own risk

Green slip waiting on full logbook will be here in a few days

3 keys

Built in stereo

Roof bars 

Body work isnt the best could do with some TLC if ur fussy see in pic

It is what it is a cheap runner around dont come expecting a new car it's used but still works as it should

Was taken in Px i dont anything about it sold as seen

Ideal new/delivery driver 

Start and drive 

£370 no offers"



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I like it when they look like someone has already scrapped it.


Might be a decent car under the moss, presume it's up to the buyer to try and get it down from there without breaking it?


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8 minutes ago, rob88h said:

Escort RS 1600 anyone?



The description is fairly accurate actually (apart from the fact it isn’t blue…)




Ach wee bit of WD-40 will sort it out.

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