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I iz mega tempt. Renault 4!

Fabergé Greggs

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It's pretty hard to properly asses those Torsion mountings. I did my very best to understand what was going on and aside from a bit of flaking they seemed alright. 


I probably should buy it, but I've only just realised how nice life can be in a nice comfy auto Saab after a succession of tiny quirky shitboxes, so the timing is all wrong..

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The early van on ebay is provisionally sold I believe to someone who occasionally frequents this parish... 


You can fit a slightly bigger carb which gives them a bit more go .

I can visualise pictures of teenage Parisians, swapping carbs, banding steels, fitting cherry bomb rear boxes, pancake filters in search of a bit more va va voom

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If the rear suspension mounts aren't rotten then that looks pretty cheap. The rusty bits sound largely cosmetic and there's not much you can't get for them. Front corners of chassis like to rot ( behind triangular panels ) and can be a bit if a bugger to fix but overall, if it's not rusty then get it bought.


1108 Motor and standard carb is tuned for economy but is ok enough otherwise.

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