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Nissan Murano...Should I?


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Not exactly shite, but I'm sick of spending all my spare cash on repairing the 159 (inlet fannymould, turbo, cambelt, water pump, all in 18 months), so it's time for a change.


I really like the BMW X5, but just can't get over the "wanker chariot" image, so that's a no, as is a Rangie for similar reasons.


I've now found myself getting the horn for the Nissan Murano, but know nothing about them other than they look good and have the same engine as the 350Z so should keep up with the traffic OK....are there any issues or known problems I should be aware of when looking at one?


Budget is £5-6k.

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I hear good things about them . Auto only, I think it's detuned a bit from the 350z motor.

The Mazda cx5 also only came with a 2.3 turbo 240 bhp (i think ) motor and is cheap for the same reasons as the oovavoo in that no one wants a big gutsy petrol car .

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Drove the Murano when it first came out and it was brilliant. Genuine mile muncher on the motorways and comfortable around town. Only thing that let it down (apart from the OMGMPG) was the interior.


You had this amazing futuristic exterior and then you climb into an interior stolen from a 1990 Nissan Bluebird, such a shame and a wasted opportunity.

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Surely if you have sorted the Alfa you should keep it now.


But I would do exactly the same, buy car for ££ spend £££ sell for £


Maybe the Greek goverment are shitters

This is an Alfa Romeo we're talking about....the failures never stop ;)


Edit: And I fancy a change...

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Lexarse RX300 is very similar, we have a early 2005 Mk2 with a V6 and it's a spectacular place to be, very quiet, very comfortable and seeming hewn out of granite. Doesn't handle at all mind and it's a very detached driving experience but you could drive for hours without feeling uncomfortable or tired.


Decent Mk1s are now coming into 2k price range and Mk2s with the 3 litre V6s are a lot cheaper than the equivalent Rx 350s with the newer V6 with better MPGs. Hybrids are mega expensive and really only for the brave.


Mk1 engines are known to sludge up if the oil isn't changed or the wrong grade is used, good quality oil changed often seems to stop any issues

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Cousin_DS20 and her husband have had a Nissan Murano for nearly ten years now.  They like: it has enough interior space for them (2 adults and 2 children and dogs); it goes quite well; it has been muchos reliable; it has not been big £££ to service (although tyres are on the expensive side); it is not a Range Rover.  They do not like: 15mpg in mixed use (and they don't exactly thrash it around the place).  IIRC theirs has a CVT gearbox and that would drive me crackers, but Cousins_DS20 seem to get on well with it.  I think that if they could buy one that got 30mpg (as the Discovery owned by the other Cousins_DS20 does), they'd have another like a shot.  

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I did look at the X-Trail, but it's a bit "old man" for me


They shit the turbos quite a lot from what I've heard, which is mostly from my neighbor who paid a fortune to have his turbo replaced on his x-trail 2.2.


He's had lots of trouble with the poor quality wiring as well, lots of loom parts being replaced after the wires snapped, poor quality wires with very few large strands vs numerous finer strands on better quality stuff being the usual suspect.


The Muranos do have a WTF factor though you don't see many and they do look like a prop from a 70s Sci-fi show.

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I was nosing around for a 4x4 for around 3 grand and found them all pretty hopeless to gave up. The only thing that got my interest was the Murano but it was out of budget.


BMW X5 - pricey wanker chariot but the v8 is Nice

Range Rover - Pricey and reliable as Rangers money saving tax schemes.

Merc ML - hopelessy shite

RX300 - Shiny interiors, expensive parts and gold plated badges.

Jeep Cherokee - They come with a v8 and diff that seems to blow up a lot and the interiors look like they're made out of milk bottle crates

X-Trail -Zzzzz

Subaru Forester STi - sounds like a something that will result in someone sticking a cocktail umbrella up your japseye

VW Toureg - Zzz unless you can get a v10 diesel


My conclusion is you should buy a v6 Renault Avantime. 

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My friend has run a 2.5 Tow-rag for over a year - done about 30k so far. Decent cruiser, capable in crappy conditions for a plastic off-roader and performs well enough on road. 3.0 v6 goes like the clappers (relatively) but can shit it's guts.


Watch out for Muranos transfer box/coupling detonations - seen a few lately. CVT/350z box isn't bad. Had on on Lpg for a while - returned 40ish on a decent run. Loads of toys and it all worked !

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