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Military Reg Numbers


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I live near  "Europe's largest military driving school" at Leconfield (The Defence School of Transport (DST), based at Normandy Barracks) consequently we have to duck and dive between convoys of assorted military vehicles. I've been intrigued by their reg Nos, there seems to be two systems of them, namely...


12AB34 and AB12CD,


The former being on old vehicles and the latter on the newer ones (presumably the old system ran out of numbers/letters. My question is, is there any logic to this system? Are number or letter combinations significant? At one time Royal Navy vehicles had RN in their numbers, is this still the case?


Tank you,  Ivan Ivanovitch



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A non definitive answer from a non military type who had to decipher and remove these numbers before attempting to sell the chod they were attached to.


The earlier system -  ie. 02 KE 22 - came in during the late fifties and ran thus; for 'transport' at least -


1957/8 = CE 
1958/9 = CL 
1959/60 = DE 
1960/1 = DL 
1961/2 = DM 
1962/3 = EK 
1963/4 = EL to EM 
1964/5 = EN to EP 
1965/6 = ET 
1967/8 = FG 
1968/9 = FH 
1969/70 = FJ 
1970/1 = FK 
1971/2 = FL 
1972/3 = FM 
1973/4 = GB 
1974/5 = GF 
1975/6 = GJ 
1976/7 = GN 
1977/8 = GT/GX 
1978/9 = HF 
1979/80 = HG 
1980/1 = HH 
1981/2 = HJ 
1982 = KA 
1983 = KB 
1984 = KC 
1985 = KD 
1986 = KE 
1987 = KF 
1988 = KG 
1989 = KH 
1990 = KJ 
1991 = KK 
1992 = KL 


In 93 they changed to AA 44 CD stylee and the first two letters denote the year.


1993 = AA 
1994 = BA 
1995 = CA 

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Thanks for the reply - I thought there would be a system. Now for some supplementary questions -


What is the significance of the coloured squares painted on the front and back of the wagons?

And the flags flown by the convoys - green at the front, red at the back - are these simply position markers or something more sinister (some convoys don't fly them)?



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coloured squares are like the 'dz flashes'  worn on uniform a means of identifying at a glance who 'owns' the vehicle 


the flags just indicate first and last vehicle in a formal convoy

Is there any where were I can de-code the colours? Sounds like the sort of thing a whole web-site could be devoted too.


Flags - thought so.

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