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SambaS in AlpineLE Oh-dearage!


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So you overpaid for an awful car that turns out to be even more awful than first assumed and it's full of holes? Normally, it'd be difficult to see any positives in that. But it's got what looks like Astra Mk2 wheeltrims. Good save.

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I never thought I'd get to say this, but... That is much rustier than my Maserati was, at its worst. And it'll be hiding the worst of the rot.


But on a more positive note: if you do end up keeping it, how about localising its trim spec for the British market by getting a "THE" badge made up for it?

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I was passed on the details of another Alpine by the older generation at the scrapyard. As it was my day off, I though I'd take the LE on a ride out to see if I could find it, as I was told the guy had some parts for mine.


I found the place and the guy's number on one of his vehicles. WIN. He answered the phone and I wasn't told to fuck off! WIN!!


So off we went for a look.


Nice early series 2 grill there. Uber rare.


Beautiful, beautiful colour
Chrysler steering wheel
30,467 miles, very high when it was parked up in 1982!
Inside of boot
So in 1982 someone drove into the back of it. These guys bought it and set to rebuilding it using a sweetcorn Chrysler Alpine GL as a donor. The NOS rear panel is only vaguely attached
Nicey nice original dealer plates
"have we done alright" said the guy, his mind drifting back to the early 1980s!
Some corrosion on the replacement panel
Can this repair be rectified and stay? Jury is out.
The underside of this car is a proper treasure
The sill has sustained some damage
Did I say I love the colour? White bumpers too...
So they never got as far as welding everything together here
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Well done for saving it, when you mentioned the scrapyard I thought you'd given up in disgust! These are one of those cars that seem to look better viewed retrospectively. I like it, I enjoyed a Solara GLS once upon a time.

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Good lord. The blue one is an inspired save - good on you for giving it a chance.

The bronze one is find of the century! Who the hell would do 30k in two years in an Alpine, then store it for 32 years? I was chatting to my father the other day about his old T plate one he owned back in the early 80s. He said "it was lovely to drive, and felt really comfortable on a long run." He sold it for a slightly newer Horizon, which was in turn replaced by an X plate black 'Ultra Horizon'. To be fair, he's not owned French tin since!

Anyway, what's the story with the bronze one? Looks to be a fairly straightforward repair?

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