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S A Barrett's Sussex shite spots

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Hello. Here's the first batch from my new phone. Starting out with an autumnal Polo with the Xantia sneaking in the background


These next lot are all Kent coast sightings. I really, really like this bit of Kent but the tat levels are disappointingly low, though what's there is of a pretty high quality. I can't remember the last time I saw a rough street-parked mk2 Escort


I actually saw this on street view by chance but assumed it would be long-gone as it's in the gateway of a backstreet garage, so it was a pleasant semi-surprise find. Definitely one of the highlights of the year so far


same location, a Miller cycle Maz on forrin plates. Looked pretty abandoned to me but who knows


Pretty damn superb W123 hearse. I would definitely drive an old hearse. Good 'what's in the garage?' pic20191111_152954.thumb.jpg.ce24f1e7bf1622d1305b9748422b503e.jpg

Xantia from Xantia. Amazing how rare these have become  but also not amazing at all considering I've killed two personally 


And here's a Rover with the worst DIY paint job I've seen in a long time


Here's some from today. I did an auto jumble in Midhurst and these were all in the car park. I like how wonky these early lwb station wagons look


 I guess this is of interest just because it was so immaculate. I did get the number if anyone feels an overwhelming urge to own it


This is cheating as it belongs to my friend. It's his 'modern' car and it's a total shed. Rusty bumpers, filthy wheels, terrible paint. Glorious 


I've known about this for ages but have never had an opportunity to photograph it before. Again, just pure, finely distilled shite of the highest grade, and still working hard for a living. The owner is exactly how you'd imagine, too


That's all for now

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Right then, here's what eight days in Portugal will get you. Overall impressions were a little disappointing - lots of dull modern cars with a smattering of early '90s bilge but little else. I have the feeling if I'd been there 10 years ago the streets would have been teeming with rammle, but the tourist trade has certainly changed the country's main cities a great deal recently and an influx of foreign property investors has probably irreparably ruined a lot of the atmosphere there. For non-non-shite purposes it was bloody great and I'd reccomend it to anyone who likes crumbling buildings, 1970s signage and good cheap food (and walking).

My first wander round Lisbon netted the previously posted, and these.



Tried to get away with a subtle pic here but was rumbled, which soon developed into a fun* game where my missus tried to jump into frame every time I snapped a car. Hilarious.20200111_001108.thumb.jpg.22c7eac5f7bd8742b40f1871b02bcf49.jpg

This was a highlight. Looked absolutely mint, unlike a lot of the older cars I saw


Really satisfying spotting the old black and white plates on stuff20200111_170619.thumb.jpg.e90287fc32abcc457085db3ccb22f751.jpg

Lots of R4s around, easily the most common old car, whilst I only saw a couple of 2CVs


fewer old commercial vehicles than I had hoped, but still a handful of older things playing various trades


Another one, just behind the Mitsubishi 


And this was a couple of cars along


There were loads of R5s about, and even more AXs, Unos and Pandas


another highlight. In a 'cool' bit so presumably owned by a hip young blade rather than an old duffer. Looked very tidy 


another one...


lots of cool car-based vans not familiar in the UK. I had no idea these existed but it looked great. Novas (well, Opel Corsas) were also very common to the point I only photographed a small handful. I did see another van, too, but it was much rougher


Lovely CX 2.5 Turbot in 'that colour' with the window Louvre etc. Lovely.


Most vans are fully decorated by the region's amateur street artists


This is becoming unwieldy on my phone. More in a sec...

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See, hilarious. I did say 'Men on the internet will be looking at that later' but it didn't make any difference 


A shit photo,  but this Merc hearse was mega. I also saw, but to my eternal regret could not capture, a BEDFORD MIDI HEARSE which might just be the most shite vehicle ever built


404 pick-up advertising a shop just outside my digs in Porto (v nice city, would go again)


Lovely old BMW is exactly the sort of thing I would ignore in the UK, but this looked so 'right' in that colour and on those steelies


another 'still working' Transit. This was the only proper Mk3 I saw, but I'm pleased to report lots of Portuguese Transits have the pointless single 'hatchback' door thing that I love


A  very typical street scene. The Panda was more loved than most with fancy alloys etc


An Sierra


More bilge. Particularly scenic images here. What a beautiful country.



Never seen a Clio van before so I was quite excited about this!


An odd Toyota truck thing. A few similar such vehicles were seen, of indeterminate age and model


There was a smattering of Cavaliers, mostly booted


An proper cla**ic. Nice.


Nocturnal 305. I really like the look of these


Ending on a high note. I went to a bar on the top floor of an Art Déco car park (a sort of bougie European take on Trinity Square, if you will) and took the stairs back down to see what I could find.


yum! Let's have a closer look...



frankly, it doesn't get much better than a beige Simca 1100 estate, does it?


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Nice selection there.

Toyota truck might be a Dyna?

The 120Y is a 3-door, we never got that permutation (just the 5-door estate, and a 3-door panel van).

Can't remember if we got Clio vans, but we did the Nova. I remember a colleague having one.

Simca looks ace.

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28 minutes ago, barrett said:



frankly, it doesn't get much better than a beige Simca 1100 estate, does it?

No, it really doesn't.  

I am shamelessly quoting the picture on purpose just so we can see it again.


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Enjoyed the Portuguese pics. They seem to hang on to old cars. I had a holiday in the Lisbon area in 1995 and played "spot the Vauxhall Viva" quite successfully. Also spotted an Opel equivalent of the F series Victor.

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2 hours ago, High Jetter said:

Something in the back of my mind makes me think that Simca is an early one, but can't recall why - did later ones have a chrome waist-trim?

Early-ish, certainly - later ones had flatter door handles and more vent holes in the wheels.  The mudflaps look 60s rather than 70s too, but may not be original.

Lack of a chrome rubbing strip denotes poverty rather than age, I believe.

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A mixed bag of start-of-year spots from around the globe*

I must have passed this rough old Saab a thousand times before but somehow never noticed it. I'll admit to suffering from slight Saab blindness though so not a huge surprise


Never seen this one before. Looked very tidy really, although it was missing an alloy from the other side. Am I right in thinking Robert Opron styled the dashboard in these?


One of these. Did see an earlier one the same day but it was too dark for a photo. Still probably the most numerous of the older camper conversions but always nice to see. There's a really good CF1 I have found which I will attempt to bring you next month. Don't hold your breath


From Worthing to Paris, as my peripatetic lifestyle demands. In the middle of the city, sticking two fingers up to Crit Air


Always nice to see one of these, and I got to tell my story about why it looks like a Panhard 24BT to an interested friend, thereby seeming more knowledgable and worldly than I actually am


I went oop north for a funeral, and found a Car I Didn't Know Existed. It's a Ssangyong, obviously


Piss poor photo and subject, even by my standards, but it looked immensely appealing in a sea of moderns


Here's one I've known about for years but have never managed to snap. Well worth the wait, I think you'll agree. Placement of parked cars prevented a 'shite car and house' full reveal, but suffice to say its the only building on this small road of nice houses in a well-to-do area of West London with peeling paint on the windows and brambles overtaking the garden. It's an intriguing 'what's in the garage?', too, as there is a lean-to behind the gate and behind that a large, rusting corrugated iron garage that could probably hold three old cars. Hopefully somebody will be there at the right moment to document it when the inevitable happens


A similarly picturesque view from the opposite end of the city


My spot of the month has to go to this one, however. You can see my hands shaking with barely contained excitement here and slightly blurring the image. What an absolute babe


Let's have another look? I'm glad to see the owner of this has received the memo about it being illegal to operate one without two large roof bars fitted at all times. Those steel wheels are deeply sexy. didn't even look too bad under all the grim. Lovely.


That's it for now. Join me again for another instalment of The Wandering Barrett next time!

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