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S A Barrett's Sussex shite spots

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So the first month of 2021 has been relatively unremarkable, but I did at least get a chance to visit a couple of places I'd not been before to scoop up the obvious spots.

Actually, I've realised this lot was all seen in one day, which isn't too bad I suppose. this scruffy Viva drove past a few times whilst I was queueing for a shop, and then parked up and the bloke joined the queue. Cool story eh? I don't really like HA Vivas, but it was great to see something of this age just being used as 'an car' on a Winter morning


Next up, a rather sad looking Mini in an excellent 70s BL colour and an unusually high amount of wheel balance weights


These two were parked a few streets apart, and are clearly owned by the same person. There was a '60s American truck nearby too, but I didn't bother to photograph that for some reason



And finally (this is a small update), this Mk1 Sierra hatch, one of only a handful I've ever photographed. A bit modified but still looking good.


More soon, I hope, when it gets a bit warmer

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Here are some vehicles I have seen and taken photographs of recently. Ford and Volvo-heavy.


I had a dream recently that somebody on here had 'spotted' this Jag, and I was really pissed off that they'd beat me to the punch by uploading it first


To get a photo of the above, I had to climb on to a wall to get a good vantage point. Behind the wall was this lot


I love these little Peugeot vans. Every childhood holiday to France was littered with these things, although they seem to have mostly disappeared these days


A scruffy, street-parked Mk2 Escort is a rare thing these days


I've known about this for ages, but it moves about a lot and I only just managed to snap it. Properly shonky


Much tidier and weirdly desirable in that colour


The first Xant I've seen in use in ages. I parked right opposite this but couldn't get both cars in the same photo


Some serious 'old money' vibes here. Massive, massive house in posh part of SE with a slightly ropey old Polo outside (excuse the Xtreme Zoom)


Finally for now, my spot of the year so far. I had seen this on Street View a while back but it was mostly obscured by other things and I could not work out wtf it actually was, which was incredibly frustrating. Wasn't expecting one of these! It's on SORN so no idea how long its been sitting here, but quite a while by the look of it



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