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S A Barrett's Sussex shite spots: Tavria! Zagato! Sherpa!


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That is a pukka 4x4 Cosworth in Radiant Red and one of only a handful made. It's very late registered and certainy one of the last built. Love the comments from its last MOT!


Vehicle makeFORD Vehicle modelSIERRA SAPPHIRE Date first used29 October 1993 Fuel typePetrol ColourRed


MOT history of this vehicle

Test date22 May 2015 Expiry date30 May 2016 Test ResultPass Odometer reading78,643 miles MOT test number9387 3254 5112 Advisory notice item(s)

very loud shade of dog dick red

chassis black covering the complete underside of vehicle including bumpers

loose nut behind the wheel

large yellow lollipop makes steering dificult

engine missing

found it under bonnet

dead bugs on windsheild

live bugs on order

crack on windsheild outside the swept area

the crack is good

Test date31 May 2014

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Watcha shite fans. Here's what's been going on in my world, starting with this shabby Visa that was the highlight of a day in France last month.



This faded Beetle driveway ornament is just round the corner from me but I've only recently noticed it



Still a high number of these things in use down here



I've been after this for about three or four years but I've only ever seen it on the move. Properly tidy and looks really smart I reckon



Tesco car park spot. Lots of giveaways that this is giffer-owned



This sad Lotus was hiding at my local MoT place. I think it had a 2001 tax disc in the window. Shame, these are real lookers



Right, here's a few highlights from Rétromobile week. These were outside my hotel all week



As was this very tidy Golf. These are still in 'old car' territory over there, although I did see a couple of more scened examples



This next lot were all outside the hotel at various points. Ultra passive spotting in action. The Mondeo was an absolute peach, I don't think they looked this clean when new. Nice old plates on it too







Saw a few CXS in daily use, this was the rattiest



XMs were far more prevalent. Mostly Mk1s, oddly, and several with these ace trims



These were outside the same back street garage ad the above, and looked like they hadn't moved in a while. R5s still too common to bother with, mostly



Saw several of these around. Really need to start saving the pennies for a good one before values start climbing again/they all get scrapped for being rubbish



This was undoutably the best thing I saw. Flippin' look at it!



One last spot on the tunnel, this was in front of us. Looked rough as shit tbh



That's it then. Normal service will be resumed next time.

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Whaddup tat fans. I caught sight of something potentially interesting on Street View over in Bexhill and thought it was worth investigating. Can you tell what it is yet?post-3924-0-01967000-1456677398_thumb.jpg


How about now?



It's only a flippin fintail Merc! Shame that's the best I could do with photos. Looks like this is all being torn down for 'development' soon. Bet there's something exciting in the building too.


Anyway, here's a few other things I saw along the way









The fella got in to this just after I took the photo, looked like the original owner to me



I love a manky camper. There are few vehicles as depressing




This was pretty great. The garden showed signs of being recently cleared of shrubs so this might be next for the chop. Must have sat there a long time



Proper 2cv is proper



A good example of something I would have ignored a couple of years ago but is now worthy of snapping. There was another one just up the road but boxed in by moderns



And finally a different sort of Mercedes, in Brighton last night


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Three more. I knew about this place for a while but have never been arsed to stop before. The undergrowth was particularly sparse so thought this was the best time. There is more stuff there I think but it would involve jumping a gate to get at - I'm working up the courage to do it as I reckon the whole place is abandoned (it's in the middle of nowhere and there is never a roadworthy car visible, house looks totally overgrown...)







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You could have just asked me where it was!

Bexhill is slightly disappointing for spotting although I'm sure there is lots I didn't see. I did find the infamous hanging yellow Transit Mk2 but didn't fancy my chances in the neighborhood...

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Time for the next batch, mostly from today and all local. Nova was helpfully parked outside my curent squeeze's gaff last week.



A blurry 800, sorry. Still worth posting I reckon because when did you last etc



This was a few doors down



And this was a few streets away. A good area for manky moss-covered bilge



But how about this one eh?! Off the road since 2008 but looked like it was a minter before falling out of use. Definitely owned by some daft old giffer close to shuffling off this mortal coil (I just got a load of grief on the BX facebook page for being 'insensitive'). I'm gonna put some notes through doors because it bloody well needs saving.


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Righto, what's next? How about the world's roughest Morris van?



Or a pair of rotten barges



This is a flippin' Fiat 132! Looks pretty terminal



Rough 2cv in the ever popular Asda car park



Renault 4 van outside my welder's place. Quelle surprise



Late Tipo. These have disappeared entirely round these parts



Counties Austin in Poole



Particularly grim Sunny in Brighton



Spotted this screaming through Horsham. Chap didn't even give the Visa a second look so presumably just somebody's old car



Tesco. Looked alright apart from the wheels



Rubbish pic but the fella was standing right there. It's really shabby, proper first generation Autoshite



I quite liked this...


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Fiat 132!  :shock:  :shock:  :shock:




Not a particularly creative contribution to the debate I know, but 1. I am slightly lost for words after the Fiat and 2. a bump to the front page for anyone who missed this like I did, as it doesn't seem to have as many likes as I'd have expected.

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Rover Rostyles on a Celica is not something I would have said would work, but it really does.


Hmm, one to watch, I fear. The chances of somebody fitting the Rostyles and leaving it at that without getting tempted into rat-look shenanigans are surely marginal.

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Watcha! I lost all the shit on my phone recently including a few pretty dece spots I think, here's what I've managed to find since then, starting off with a mildly OSF'd Cortina at Asda. Seen it here a few times actually.



Wedding car* at Halfords



Can't remember the last time I saw an Imp in the wild. This was a Stiletto, in Lewes



I think we might have seen Sophie before, can't remember



Lovely brown Saab was unknown to me before this



Cinq in Worthing



FRUNKING PHELL!!! Dutch-registered, filthy, bit scruffy. Heroic. Just round the corner from me




Nothing else is gonna match that, eh? Oh well, here's a lil shorty Bedford



Chairman-type R5 in beige



oh, that's it. Cheers!

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Aye, 17 should have four round headlamps... but what a spot!


I had a little jaunt along the south coast myself the other day, avoiding the M25 on the way back from Hastings.  Papped a couple of spots but not really anything on quite this level.  

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  • barrett changed the title to S A Barrett's Sussex shite spots: Tavria! Zagato! Sherpa!

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