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S A Barrett's Sussex shite spots: 2022/23 catch-up


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Eh? Scott man...of course they sold Fiat 124 Estates in the UK...(they also sold them in the US - pointless fact; Charles Manson ran round in one for a bit, before he did what he did...)


I realised it was an Estate, but the Fiats have clear indicators, that was all. It might not have been 'seaside' that long...


Evidence...I give you Chevy Chase crashing into Ballard Berkeley...



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Well I hoped you enjoyed that, because here's SOME MORE. All from an afternoon stroll today.





There's an (ex-BT?) Sherpa under there





CF #1



This old Pug was very appealing. Don't often see them in actual colours these days



CF #2



Another flipping 2cv



First time one of these has caught my eye. I assume it's quite an early one and it looked in fantastic condition. Great green interior too



Really horrible and not in a good way



Lovely little Fiat, at the end of the road where I grew up




Sherpless ice cream



How good doesn't his early Italian -registered Golf vert look? Don't really care for these normally, but that little reg plate really makes it



CF #3



Loads of stuff huddled together over a couple of roads,in only snapped half of it as the other stuff was mainly scene DUBZ yo




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I actually like the Corsair!   Apart from the shit wheels, that is....Like you with the Golf on Italian plate I think its the Bournemouth reg that does it for me, maybe... That 190 (carby one if the badge is to be believed...) is a good five years into production and one of the nicest colour ways.   I like these early ones with no cladding.   Some great spots again - does indeed seem to be a fertile ground down there!

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Hi! Just a short update this time, as the weather makes this stuff increasingly difficult. Actually most of these are 'historic' spots that have been hanging around for a while, like this Minor round the back of the place we get our van MoT'd



I saw this dodgy Crabvan back in July! Since all over the ebay tat thread



Another crusty Minor, seen somewhere in London



This was on Amy Winehouse's old road, or something. Seen whilst hunting for Modernist houses and getting lost, not on a 'places Amy used to be' guided tour



This was seen on the same day, looked really clean



Tesco carpark spot. This was full of barking dogs and looked DISGUSTING. I was driving the ex-angrydickie Atlantic so hopefully looked like less/more of a nutter jumping out and taking a photograph



French reg'd squarelamp Deux in Brighton



A very yellow Visa at a local-ish car meet



Funny camper thing that I assume is much newer than it looks. Hayling Island



Another, deader white Maestro, also Hayling Island



And that's it! Doubt there'll be much more activity til next year now. It's been a real pleasure. I hope you enjoyed ME




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Actually, here are a few more. Sorry.



This slightly scruffy Jag looked pretty good, and I don't usually take much notice of these things.



ZX was a couple of cars down. Not that old or special but in that proper 'old banger' condition you don't really see anymore



Today's spots were this deluxe dogging chariot



And this, which I think is a different one from last time



This Astra is gloriously shonky. My favourite recent spot


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I finished work when it was still just about daylight today. Can't remember the last time that happened. Celebrated by mopping up a couple of 'known but not photographed' spots in Horsham.




This Fiesta was behind the house with the Fiat outside, I would guess the Uno was this one's replacement. It's much rusted than it looks here



Also long out of use by the look of it. Check out the scuttle rust on this!



Another small rare Japanese van. Not sure I've ever seen one exactly luke this before



I quite liked this, not sure if it was still in use but it looked very clean, in a surprisingly nice street of '30s houses



Another red Ford. Tidy and obviously loved



That's it for now

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Because I'm ancient and I remember seeing V registration cars like that Toyota when I was in school, it's not old to me.  My Volvo V70 is V registration at the other end of the plate and even that's old to most people.


Good spots by the way, nice to see some Japanese micro van love

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Good point there Roadwork, it does look like an LX with a bumper swap, esp as late models were colour coded. Nice to see it looking standard, and not Barried, like many Sappy Cossies have been. Brilliant thread barrett BTW

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