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S A Barrett's Sussex shite spots: 2022/23 catch-up


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Two from Sussex:


I don't, as a rule, like 1930s BMWs but this looked really great


I can't remember if we've had this one before. One of the few 1950s street-parked cars left in Brighton I think, which is quite sad

All the rest from London, variously:







Nothing too special, all typical London cars with the exception of the Metro. Last two notable for being photographed just off Felsham Road in Putney, which is where my Palladium was built 100 years ago

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I think it's safe to assuem this will be my last update for 2023. It's certainly been a lean year although I saw a handful of cool bits. Anyway, this Saab was parked at the hotel by my office, which often has interesting visitors. Apart from the whitewalls and the number plates it's pretty much perfect.


I haven't left my house since December 22nd so I thought I'd go out today and actively look for things which didn't go as well as hoped. Lots of potentially interesting cars under tarps , etc, and some things I'd seen on streetview which had vanished. I did see this Lancia Delta* though. I didn't realise but there was somebody working on it round the other side, which I discovered when I heard somebody mutter 'you cunt, what are you doing!' under their breath. Assumed it was directed at me, but in fact it was just 'mechanic's fristration' in action. Anyway, cool thing, right?


This was on the same street. Not sure if it's a 12 or a 14, but in any case it looks to have been sitting there for some time.


I discovered the motherlode. A garden filled with abandoned cars which is right next to a pubic footpath so I could be very nosey and stick my camera through the fence. I'm never sure if the sort of people who live in these places are gonna be invalids, or champion curtain-twitchers, and in case it was the latter I didn't hang around too long, so failed to snap the early Metro. This Vectra wasn't interesting, really. Land Rover behond, and just out of view 80s Rolls-Royce and various bits of 90s bilge (Metro just visible on the left)


This is a Sierra estate, but you'll have to take my word for it


Best thing was this, which was right up by the house behind the Metro. I think there was a Mini in the back garden but it was totally covered by tarp and not very photogenic. Anyway, RENAULT 20!! Gotta be my spot of the year.


So that's it for 2023. Thanks to everyone who's looked at this thread,c ommented, liked or whatever. IT'S ALL FOR YOU!

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