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S A Barrett's Sussex shite spots: 2022/23 catch-up


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Hey, check this out you muddy funsters! A shiny new spotted thread 'cause I got sick of the old one, which is here: http://autoshite.com/topic/5861-brighton-spots-2014-omg/



This rotten Riley was seen back in March. Obviously just dragged out of a bush, and off to the scrappy within a week


1960 Riley One Point Five by barrogance, on Flickr


I've driven past this a million times and always meant to spot when I was in my Standard but never got round to it. I think this has gone now, too


1957 Standard Super 10 by barrogance, on Flickr



1990 Alfa Romeo 33 Station Wagon by barrogance, on Flickr


Quite appealing in a hopeless sort of way, in Wales


1953 Morris Six MS by barrogance, on Flickr


A Volvo, I think, near the Morris


No idea by barrogance, on Flickr


A different Volvo


1971 Volvo 1800S by barrogance, on Flickr


Serial Celica-owner near me had/has this for a while, been off the road for 20 years but looks mint


1983 Toyota Celica by barrogance, on Flickr


Nice basic Consul in central Brighton


1957 Ford Consul by barrogance, on Flickr


One of the best cars I've seen this year


1965 Wolseley 6/110 by barrogance, on Flickr




1968 ERF by barrogance, on Flickr


Council estate-chic SD1 in Shoreham


1987 Rover SD1 VdP by barrogance, on Flickr


A Tiny Car


1962 Morris 850 by barrogance, on Flickr



Batshit 2cv thing


1985 Citroen 2cv widebody by barrogance, on Flickr


By some fluke 75% of the cars filling up here were pre-1990, I think there was a rough MGB and a series Land Rover too plus whatever shit I was in


1975 Mercedes 280CL by barrogance, on Flickr



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On my way back from Chester in the BX, a very pretty girl in full '50s garb plus three passengers was giving this the beans. Lovely stuff


1986 Renault R4 by barrogance, on Flickr


A Jaguar


1985 Jaguar XJ6 SIII by barrogance, on Flickr


Bit of a headscratcher this one. I think it's based on Mitsubishi Evo running gear. Looks pretty smart I reckon


X Works Prodrive P2 by barrogance, on Flickr


A Standard in worse nick than mine


Standard Pennant by barrogance, on Flickr




1981 Porsche 924 by barrogance, on Flickr


Had a hard job catching up with this thing which was being CANED like a bastard


1983 Alfa Romeo Alfasud by barrogance, on Flickr


There used to be an early Reliant Rialto here, which was replaced by this thing which has seemingly not moved since. Are these worth anything yet? Reckon it would clean up all right, should I bother knocking?


1988 VW Polo L by barrogance, on Flickr


another Polo, these things have vanished recently


1989 VW Polo C by barrogance, on Flickr


Horrid 'Stro


Rover Maestro by barrogance, on Flickr


Horrid Triumph


1969 Triumph Vitesse by barrogance, on Flickr

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Another Sud, I think this one was due for conversion into a track car, which is a shame as it looked mega clean


1978 Alfa Romeo Alfasud by barrogance, on Flickr


In Swindon


Fiat 126 by barrogance, on Flickr




1989 Peugeot 505 by barrogance, on Flickr


This thing was ridiculously cool. It's a late car that's been converted to early chrome bumpers and looks all the better for it. Parked up in central Brighton and attracting a lot of attention


1985 Citroen CX Prestige Turbo by barrogance, on Flickr


This was bought by my friend's boss for his missus, but I can't find any trace of the reg online, so dunno wtf is going on there. super clean


Datsun Cherry by barrogance, on Flickr


Some VOLVO-bummer had this among the collection of decaying bricks outside his house


1964 Renault R8 by barrogance, on Flickr



1990 Volvo 340 GL by barrogance, on Flickr


The current Ms_B lives in a shite-rich area though can't tell a Triumph from a fuggin' Honda Jazz, so I had to find this thing myself


1968 Triumph 2000 by barrogance, on Flickr


Well traveled R4


Renault R4 Savane by barrogance, on Flickr



This is owned by a lad who works in my local garage and has done some work on my Allegro. He also has an MG turbo project thing which is parked a few cars down from this


Maestro D by barrogance, on Flickr


A normal looking bloke was unloading his kids from this in Asda car park. Looked mega clean


1987 Toyota Corolla by barrogance, on Flickr



1994 Honda Beat by barrogance, on Flickr


I find this incredibly desirable for some reason


1985 Renault R4 van by barrogance, on Flickr 

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Solid-gold shite Montego in Tesco's car park


Montego Clubman by barrogance, on Flickr


This is by far the roughest road-legal vehicle I have ever seen. It's fuggin' incredible, every panel is totally shagged and it's held together with gaffer tape. I am deffo going to Wales for all my future MoTs


1983 Bedford KB by barrogance, on Flickr



1993 Subaru Brat by barrogance, on Flickr


Timewarp in Broadbridge Heath


1979 Austin Mini 25 and Toyota MR2 by barrogance, on Flickr


Garden of shite in Horsham. This chap was selling a really clean Mk3 Escort recently as seen in the ebay tat thread


Ford Cortina Mk1 and 1963 Oldsmobile by barrogance, on Flickr


Absolutely mint BX was for sale recently in Surrey, and has ended up in Brighton


1992 Citroen BX by barrogance, on Flickr


tbh I never knew this was even a thing, a Hanomag-badged Merc T2 with different front end


1970s Hanomag by barrogance, on Flickr


Just-out-of-test BX in Gloucestershire. Have left a note but not heard anything yet, fingers crossed!


1994 Citroen BX TZD by barrogance, on Flickr


Last one for now. An Imp. You never see these things in the wild anymore do you? Wouldn't mind a crack at one of these though I have completely gone of British cars tbh


1971 Hillman Imp by barrogance, on Flickr


I will try and keep this updated if there is the faintest whiff of interest. Cheers!

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I got so excited seeing these spots at work that the spods came up to see if I had bypassed the porn filter.... Top spottages and evidence that you may seem to be inhabiting a parallel universe.   Although I note many are in Brighton which probably explains that.  More please!

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My dubious mathematic skills suggest that you photographed 1.11% of all Renault 4's left un the UK (according to HML) in those posts.


*EDIT* I just noticed that one of them is on a French plate so its actually just 0.74% so not all that impressive really. FFS TRY HARDER!

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Lovin' it, proper old fashioned spotting thread with nothing less than 20 years old.  There is a very strong whiff of interest, at least from me, so please carry on.



This thing was ridiculously cool. It's a late car that's been converted to early chrome bumpers and looks all the better for it. Parked up in central Brighton and attracting a lot of attention


1985 Citroen CX Prestige Turbo by barrogance, on Flickr



On a B-plate, this might just be a late chrome bumper one - the plastic bumpers an' ting arrived on a C-plate if I remember rightly.  Hella fogs are the mark of someone who has won at life.

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Yes, plenty of great stuff parked up around the side streets here in Brighton, including my v early super basic PG 106 in the area. I think you captured both of my previous Dyanes      ('67 and '70) in earlier spots; please keep the Sussex Shite spot pics up, thanks.

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Word up, doucheholes! Found a few more hitherto unpublished snaps on my phone, didn't I


A terrible picture of a motorised tin whelk


Commer PB coachbuilt camper by barrogance, on Flickr


A horrid Vauxhall, Crawley station car park


1991 Vauxhall Nova by barrogance, on Flickr


A better Vauxhall, Prescott


1994 Vauxhall Carlton by barrogance, on Flickr


Somewhere between Yorkshire and Sussex, through the window of a Vivaro


1981 Ford Escort by barrogance, on Flickr


VSCC Autumn sprint, Goodwood 


Citroen CX by barrogance, on Flickr


Car park of the dreadful pub near my office. Vivaro door left open in my haste to capture this smart Harold. I like an estate version, but not with the 13/60 bonnet


1970 Triumph Herald 13/60 by barrogance, on Flickr



Went to look at this Ami a while back, but it was a little crustier than we were happy with and it ended up selling for much more than it was worth (to us). Dyna had only been in the country two days at this point!


1963 Citroen Ami 6 by barrogance, on Flickr


Only saw two BXs on my flying visit to France a week or so back, which was a surprise. Really like the basic nature of this one


Citroen BX D by barrogance, on Flickr


I've suddenly got a raging horn for a ZX so it seemed rude not to snap this one. I'd like a very early phase one, three-door in a nice colour ta


1995 Citroen ZX Aura by barrogance, on Flickr


Two '60s saloons. The Herald feels positively agricultural after the Ami, absolutely every facet of it is slightly worse. I've gone off British cars in a big way tbh, I dunno how we sustained a motor industry for as long as we did


Herald and Ami by barrogance, on Flickr


Nice car park timing somewhere in Kent. Not the Moon discs on the Deux!


1987 Citroen 2cv by barrogance, on Flickr


All for now

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