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Hyundai Accent 1.3, Sold Sold Sold


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As most of you know me Laddo's Renault Megane has been up for sale and he has now done a deal and the car has gone.................HOWEVER................he has taken a red 1999 (v) Hyundai Accent Coupe 1.3 in part exchange.


Now don't get me wrong, it is a shed BUT it has mot till November 11th 2015 and the owner has just spent £377.90 on getting it through this last MOT. It has an advisory list as long as your arm but in my opinion is not that bad, it was MOT'd at one of those autocentres so is guaranteed the attached list. It has 127k on the clock and can you believe the owner wants the radio cassette back so that will have to come out.


the bill is for: 


Track control arm

lazer wheel alighnment (surprise surprise)

CV Boot

Fuel Treatment????

2x tyres (ditto above)

Stabiliser bar


Advisories are:

Near and offside indicator light slightly discoloured

Offside headlight obscured but not more than 50%

Parking break has little reserve travel

Offside cv boot slightly worn

light misting of rear shock absorber

oil leak

Fuel pipes corroded

Alternator belt worn

Spare tyre defective


So a lot about nowt really. The car needs a good clean and the laquer is peeling a bit on the roof. eBay photo's to follow but I thought I would see if there is any Hyundai love out there first, especially for Autoshiters price of £250 drive away. Thats nearly half of the mot money, nearly a full yaers mot and any crap in the door pockets are yours.

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Its in Manchester. now here's the photies. Now if no one buys it in 24 hours it will have a banger stuffed up its arse then be sent to the oval then turned into a grass track racer then weighed in SO BE WARNED

Hyundai's are for Christmas NOT for life. Lived the life etc.






The roof doggie scabs




the rust found so far




luxury inside




Fang goo for looking and please look at me other items 4 sail.

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By the way that's dew on the car, it does not always rain here!! I get wetter on my annual holiday in Cornwall, Mr lucky me! So come on up the price is right. If your Daughters under 20 she will probably be better off with  Micra for insurance as this is a 1.5.

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My sister had an MVi, is this the same engine?


Hers was remarkably solid and took a fair amount of abuse - she gave it to my brother who is the resident car killer of the family - Ended up going over the bridge


Arches were a bit frilly and the paintwork generally wasn't amazing but the oily bits were better than you'd think

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Not gone any where than put it on the drive but it does not sound like a bag of nails for 127k miles, sounds as good as any other car I suppose, the previous owner put an average of 9k miles per annum so must go well. infact my mota is in for dreaded mot on friday so I could end up with it!

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I'm going to pass, my daughter is a snob and will happily turn her nose up at a free car (I was going to buy it for her, insurance was the same as a Micra or fiesta)) so balls to her, she can walk everywhere.


It came us as 1341cc on compare the furry things not 1500cc which is a bit weird.

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