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Shite, avec mk1_4dr


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Yeah, mines an S5000.

Its a good camera, a little slow to start up which can mean I miss spots that are on the move and you have to be stood quite far back to get stuff in but I could solve that with a decent wideangle lens.


Her camera is an Olympus Pen EP2, a great camera but I can never find the right setting, althought I should just bosh it on Auto and shoot away. They're bloody dear, though, she's a photography student so needs decent kit not £40 cast offs like my Fuji.


Ive also been using alot of proper 35mm film cameras, but Ive yet to have any of my films developed, although, I could just ask Charlotte to do that too as she can use a darkroom...

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I was literally taken aback when I pulled onto a petrol station forecourt and was presented with this.

At first I had no idea what it was so I had to get out and have a good natter to the owner.

This is one of two he has as well as a couple Subaru Justys.





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There's some remarkable tat over your way Dave. Those 305s are interesting - wonder what that orange van has under the bonnet? The saloon's quite interesting too. 'Exxx HHP' plates were on a slew of PSA press cars in '88, including the rather lovely red 405 Mi16 that recently surfaced on eBay for a very reasonable £600 - the same car in fact, that appeared in the CAR fast saloon test in May of that year.

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Its not just a 2dr Ital, its a Marina coupe with an Ital front end 'upgrade'.

Its an ex-timetrials/road rally car, built in the 80s.

All the bodykit is metal and its very well spec'd with Dolomite Sprint running gear, Ive had a good natter with the owner as I see him and it quite often at the local meets.









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I don't have any more shots of the Moggy, but I pass where I took those pics fairly often and its sometimes parked there. I will endevour to capture it in more detail for posterity.


The P1800E was snapped over 4years ago when parked outside the pub at the top of my parents street. Only near Wakefield, so not totally improbable that it's one and the same.

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Just a couple from recently...







sniff cry weep etc :?


That was back in early '10 when I found myself out on my arse with two cars but nowhere to live. EscRot had sills made mostly of rust flakes and underseal at that point. The e30 was only a 320 with and autobox aswell, so it wasn't really up to the job. You can imagine how well that went with not only EscRot but the unnecessarily massive trailer aswell.

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Where was the sad looking Bristol? I beleive it was one I used to work on years ago, owned by a dentist chap who spent thousands getting it up to scratch. IIRC it had a 'breathed on' engine imported from the states. I used it as a daily for a week or so to iron out some faults for him, what a car, was akin to driving a detached house - very quickly.


Sad to see a Bristol in that state. Even if it wasn't the one I worked on.

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I found the Bristol looking forlorn behind an industrial unit in Castleford, so I wouldn't be too surprised if it was the same one.

Unfortunately, some cloth-head has left the passenger window down for god knows how long.


I may pop back and get some more pics now Ive got my camera back.

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Some Bristol and North Somerset spottage from this past weekend...


King of the council estate



Hardcore Galant hasn't turned a wheel in yonks apparently



Can you crazy cats guess what this is?



BIG Plymouth had been shunted up the rear, whatever had hit it must've felt it too. Still mega cool, even with the damage. Ballsy to be driving it through central Bristol traffic too.



And finally, something which I didn't think I'd ever see on the roads over here...




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