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Shiter's Digest: Shitedate 141109


I need the reliability and cheap maintenance of a bit of J-tin.

But I don't like Hondas. Too much like an office cubicle on wheels. Plus, everyone else has one it seems. OMG SCENE TAX YO.

il $pendissimo.


I'll be listing the Cadillac for sale on dregslist, and when it sells I'll need to make a good move. A sub-$2000 car that needs little or no work done, won't leave me stranded and for which I can still buy parts when I get the urge to work on it have to fix it myself 'cos It's too bloody dear taking it to a specialist's innit. [/st.Hubbins' accent] Keeping in mind, that in the post-Ca$h-for-Clunkers era, $2000 is the new $500.


One of these might do:



But they don't sell 'em over here anymore, do they?


"1990 Sterling 827 S L I, rare car for sale, not many of these left any more! 126,000 miles, V-6 2.7 engine, easy parts availability, all Acura drive-train, 4-door fastback, Ice Cold A/C, running great, fast and fun to drive, very small surface rust spot at sun roof and front window area, still in great shape at this price for a well running car! Come and see it at..."


Oh, dear. :mrgreen:


Well, it's not this one:



And it hasn't got one of these:



...so there's a lot going for it. Plus it's well within budget. Deffo on my radar...

Thoughts, warnings, advice, insults, cheeky comments?


EDIT: It most closely resembles these peculiar specimens:


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...call for you on the beige courtesy phone, Your Lordship...




Right, that's two yes votes and one provisional...for a total* of three.

Did I mention I'm buried already and haven't even been 'round to see the car yet? SLi was top of the line, too...it's clearly a Legendary (sic) sleeper Honda...that won't be stolen and stripped down for parts. BONUS SHITEPOINTZ YO INNIT.

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I think your looking for one of these:






Great cars, but certainly for one who has a certain taste in cars. If your not bothered OmGz performance, reliability, comfort and want to be a bit different, then this is the car for you.


These weren't very popular in Uhmerca but these does seem to be some enthusiasts there, if your after parts/advice n' shit then check out a bloke called "The Sterling fixer" he is US based but then probably not very near to you.


All Sterlings sold in the US were all Honda V6s, there was never any other derivative sold there, there were different specs like S, SL, SLi and Oxford Edition which I think was the highest spec available.


Things you need to wary of are electrics, they don't really interfere with the engine/running side of things but when you've got electric windows/sunroof/locking etc... they can get a bit annoying when they don't work.


Please don't be fooled into thinking that just because it's got a Honda engine it's going to be OmG reliable! It won't. These have a very fragile cooling system with narrow pipes were crud can get stuck. This has killed at least 2 engines on my cars, the above car, one in my collection is currently sitting up with a busted engine because of this. Make sure the expansion tank isn't cracked, the pipes are in good order and coolant hasn't been mixed or nowt and that radiator is good order I.e. not leaking anywhere.


Everything else is pretty easy to sort, most bodywork just bolts on and off, door cards are easy to remove if a little fiddly and time-consuming.

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Thank you, Your Lordship...


This guy here?



He's on the opposite shore...hope I don't need any suspension parts or owt, what with shipping co$ts and all...

Your advice on the cooling system is duly noted. I have spoken to the gentleman and he did mention it will need a new radiator. And a master cylinder. If the Honda/Acura Legend parts are interchangeable I still might have a go. If not, I might end up with massive OMGFTP. Which I really can't afford at this point in time.


But this story is a bit encouraging:


California winters are a bit less harsh. A cold snap here is a warming trend there. Horses for courses I reckon.



But it is the hatchback version, in what looks to be Pogweasel Pink.

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If I can buy it cheap enough, I might still have a go. The electrical work is all part of the fun.

I'll put down two yes votes and one maybe.

Also the seller is an expert on these, and is the local go-to guy for what's left of these cars.




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Don't do it! Rover 800 / Sterling custody becomes a life sentence!




I did a write-up on the US Spec Sterling brochure here. I found it fascinating how differently the Sterling was marketed in the US compared to how it was in the UK. The American marketing push by Austin Rover Company Of North America very much traded on the Japanese engineering / British elegance recipe.


Didn't work, natch.

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Whaddaya know. I was on that website via the Google Positioning System.* Nice to know I've read your shit. Back to the Hooniverse I go!

It's worth mentioning that the Acura Legend was at the top of the JD Power rankings, while the Sterling was at the bottom.

"My, what a shoddy job they've FOBBED you off with!"

Some things America wasn't ready for, indeed.

The votes are tied.


*GPS for the Information Superhighway.

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I don't get the joke....I was expecting Roger Moore though:


A most prudent investment?


Salesperson's training video:


Familiarisation video:



A Technical Reveal:



Rover 800 electrics: The Logical Way:




It's a beautifully...precise...machine:


...But, every dog has its day...

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Saw it, drove it and, well, the Cadillac's for sale again...

Not my first Honda, but my first British-built Honda. Dude fixed the radiator and the master cylinder too.

As the local Sterling fixer, he's actually sold the car to two previous owners, and still it has only 126K. It's hard to find sub-150K cars now, since people tend to keep them so much longer...so it's loaded with WIN.

Petrol station shot to follow...we now resume normal service.

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