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Cars you didn't know existed until very recently.

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The best looking car ever made, for under £35 the 406 Coupe. I've just seen one on French plates and it looked like a facelift. Confused as it looked factory.


Here she is.

I remember them being slated because Peugeot toned down the design from the original concept.

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Speaking of air-cooled oddities, I knew about the VW Gol, what I didn't know about was the Gol Furgao, which is the van version.  That said, I suspect the Furgao version was actually the later watercooled 1.6 rather than the air cooled Beetle derived 1.3 since I've only been able to find reference to the larger engined cars in van form.



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Holy Pineapples, a front engined VW bay window! Imagine turning up at a Dubfest with one


I'm going to guess that with a flat four air-cooled engine under your seat and the brochure bragging that it is the "basic transporter" you wouldn't be able to hear any of the comments made by others.


It certainly doesnt look like driver comfort was high up the list of priorities on the design document.

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Nissan Sunny. I don't remember ever seeing one like this before


At National Trust Arts & Crafts Philip Webb designed Standon today.




A handsome vehicle anyway




Mrs Concern's Moodus luckily out of shot.


There are heaps of these in Timor Leste running around as taxis, all brush painted yellow with bodywork made of wob and crossed fingers.

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http://www.lexicarbrasil.com.br/ is a little treasure trove of obscure-to-us stuff, popped up when looking for Gol info.  Amongst their gems is the Diaseta which seems very much in the same vein as the Argentinian Ford Falcon from the 80s.





Note how quickly the salesman is scribbling down Chris Spedding's order before he changes his mind and records a song about motorcycles instead.

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