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Cars you didn't know existed until very recently.


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8 hours ago, Timewaster said:

There is a thread on RR of a DIY 309Gti Estate with an extended tailgate on the standard body. Looks brilliant. 




I know the guys who built that - they've banger raced all sorts of weird rubbish over the last few years and deliberately try and race the most unsuitable cars for the sport.  Last one they raced was a homemade Peugeot 405 Estate stretched limo....

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Without stirring up the old banger racing argument, you can't deny the ingenuity of some of them. 

I've not been to a race for donkeys years, but the spanner that went on between races was remarkable. 

I've seen them pinch bits of the tow car to get the race car going again. 

Of course it was easier then when everything was a Granada or Cortina. 



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18 minutes ago, HarmonicCheeseburger said:

is it wrong that I actually kinda like that? in its so fugly it comes full circle?

I love how especially from the back it literally does look like someone just inflated a saloon car, it sort of reminds me of a Civvy version of the Presidential Limo (which makes sense since thats also based on a pickup truck platform)

the only thing id change with the above is give it a more car like nose LOL it would be hilarious to show up to some green lane event with it :) 

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Found these 2 random pics and thought it was just some old clown-car conversion.



But, fuck me, there are loads of them.  They were for real.




The Cadillac Seville Milan Hardtop / Roadster.

At least the handling and performance should be much improved, I think they'd be a bit of a laugh to drive.

But just look at the state of this . . . . .


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On 10/6/2021 at 9:34 AM, MJK 24 said:

I knew Alfa made commercials up to approx the late 60’s.  Completely unaware mainland Europe were getting them until the very end of the 80’s though!  A clear Fiat / Iveco base.  I wonder what the point was?!





I guess another outlet for sales, and more guaranteed volume for the SEVEL JV/factories that built them.  No idea what Alfa’s market share of the Italian LCV market was, but even if they only shifted 5000 a year it’s worth tooling up for the grille, badges, and maybe some odd plastic ‘Alfa’ bits like a steering wheel centre. 

Fiat didn’t buy Alfa until about 86/87, so at least the bottom two would have been the result of an agreement/contract between two separate companies, although I can well expect Italian govt involvement in the arrangement. 

Lancia built commercials as well, and I think that bit was bought by another truck company when Fiat purchased the cars business in the late 1960s. 

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