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Cars you didn't know existed until very recently.


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4 hours ago, outlaw118 said:

 A Dison, nothing to do with vacuum cleaners and taking Britsh manufacturing jobs....

Googled it, and nowt. Anyone know owt?



seems like exactly the sort of thing @barrett would know about :) 

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This website is utterly superb (albeit a real throwback) and I could spend hours on it, but here is a highlight:


Horizon Sherlock which had loads of cheap wood fittings and tweed seats, as well as Sherlock decals in the rear quarter. Mental. 

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No not that Imp. Note it's cooled by a very 50's 'turbine blower' (no it's not just a fan) and also note it's 'adequate brakes'. The third paragraph sounds a bit sarcastic to me, almost as if the designer and president isn't to be believed.

More info here - https://www.undiscoveredclassics.com/forgotten-fiberglass/presenting-the-imp-lost-fiberglass-car-from-the-1940s/ this website could provide enough material to fill several pages of this thread,


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